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A big question for new online daters is, how to describe yourself in your dating profile? Obviously it s critical to get it right and describe yourself in a way that gets you noticed, and by the kind of people you ll like. And it should be easy after all, who knows us better than ourselves? As you ve probably found out already, it s not! Describing yourself in the About Me section of a dating profile is surprisingly difficult and way too easy to get it wrong! There s a fine line often invisible to the person describing themselves between appealing and appalling. As you ll see, there s no need to make yourself out to be someone you re not or sweep all those little quirks under the carpet. In a nutshell, one of the essential is honesty.

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You can be the real you and attract plenty of admirers. Most online dating profiles have three levels of About Me details, starting with basic (usually mandatory) details such as your gender and age. Most also have tick all that apply pages covering interests, ethnicity, religion, smoking and drinking habits, height, weight and so on. Last but not least is the dreaded free style section the part that people have most trouble with. This basic information is important for two reasons: To describe yourself effectively in your profile it can be helpful to think of your profile as a tourist map of a country called “You. ”In other words, describe yourself in your own words. In theory, this anything goes part should be fun and easy but in practice it s not it s most likely it s the main reason you re reading this article.

And there are lots of good reasons for this. For one thing, some people have a way better way with words than others. For another it s not easy to step outside of ourselves and see the big picture of who we are. There are many aspects of ourselves that we take for granted, are too modest to mention, or would rather not think about! They will help you see yourself from a visitor’s point of view, as it were, and describe yourself in your profile more fully and accurately that you might manage to do yourself. They can have fun with this and you might be surprised by what they have to say. A good way to approach this is to draw up a mini survey. For instance, ask them to list your top five strengths, your top five weaknesses, your most interesting characteristic, your most likeable characteristic, your most annoying characteristic, your skills, the thing they most admire, etc.

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Sit down with a notepad and put yourself through a question and answer session. Make your questions interesting so the answers will add depth, color and personality to your profile. Here are some examples of questions that will help you describe yourself: It is a good idea to do both these things – question friends, question yourself – before you write your profile. Many online daters don’t describe themselves well because they’re not prepared. Dating profiles vary enormously from dating service to service, ranging from fairly basic to the mega profiles at. So, some will match up well with your about me information but others won t. If not, be sure to wrangle in the information somewhere, somehow.

Remember, dating profile forms are just a guide – a starting point – for describing yourself. This is why most dating profiles have “in your own words” sections. By going above and beyond what’s expected, your profile will really stand out and interest people not just because it s interesting but because you made the effort to make it so. And after all your hard work, don t forget to save a copy so that you have all your about me information ready to hand if you are trying several online dating sites. Here are some so-called truths about men that seem to have hung on for years and years. Don t be fooled. While some, or even all of them, may be true of some men they are certainly not true of most men or even true of a large minority of men. Men want a woman to [ ]A lot of guys make these mistakes with women.

If you ve ever had a girl you want suddenly, or not so suddenly, go cold as the arctic ice pack then you re probably making one or more of them. Mistake #6 Talking your heart too soon If you really like a woman you may well be [ ]How to make men line up and beg to be with you Where did all the good men go? Women have been asking this for decades. You ‘ve probably asked yourself that question, on a Friday or Saturday night when faced with a choice between watching yet another Friends rerun or a night out with [ ]You want to meet women. You want to sleep with women. That need is built into your DNA but you also want to find the one woman that you can stay with, share your life with and perhaps even have a family with. But maybe you feel like you can t achieve these goals because: You re [ ]When women complain about their dating and love life or lack of one!

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