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Let s start with top of the menu Yasai. . Amazing range of flavors! Oyster Furai. Delicious, plump, great citrus accompaniment. Lamb ribs. Fall off the bone, with a fantastic sauce. Traditional Octopus Takoyaki.

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Explosion of ocean flavors. Mushroom Takoyaki. Light, creamy and absolutely out of this world yummy! ! And the dessert. Black Seaame Panna Cotta. Well let s just say. This place rocks! Definitely coming back for more! Damn! One of the better places I ve tried in awhile!

I love the idea of Japanese tapas. The flavor combinations are genius and unique! Started off with a fusion of barley tea/yuzu (non alcoholic) and it was tart, but tasty! Udon fries animal style, perfectly crispy and adorned with that addicting sauce! My friends got the fried oysters and really enjoyed that. Chicken karaage was pretty standard. Our table favorite was the blue crab and asparagus! For dessert, we tried the affogato and the toast. The spin on the adffogato was the crunchy chocolate and coffee jelly. The toast was amazing! It had anko, camembert, and a maple drizzle (that you squeeze yourself!

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). I would order the toast again! This place is meant for adults. We brought our kids, but it was difficult with the high top tables. There is also seating at the bar. Service was spot on and knowledgeable of the menu. Our server made great suggestions! The only con was the price. If you re looking to get stuffed, I would go elsewhere for the money. The menu consists of tapas style plates, Japanese and even Italian inspired! Overall they were super tasty but you need to order ~8 plates per person, which gets costly.

Liked: escargot takoyaki (easily our favorite thing of the night), black sesame panna cotta (panna cotta with sweet black sesame brittle, really nice sweet crunch), crab croquettes (mushy, flavorful and satisfying) Disliked: Udon (not an olives fan), Wu Tang Peach drink (tasted like melted orange popsicle) and the price. Bill ended being $77 for 5 plates and one drink. Overall, this restaurant could find it s place in your rotation but I wouldn t come too often since it s cost prohibitive. When I stop by for lunch, i realize they open the restaurant at 5 pm. I was in the area and last night and finally decidev to try paid in full. Service was good and the waitress took the time to explain me many dishes from the menu. I was surprise by the creativity of all the plates. Very inventive and audacious. The prices are very low as well.

I really did not care for any dishes but I have to admit, it takes a lots of courage to try to reinvent the wheels. I wish paid in full the best for the future. We stopped by on an early Saturday evening. There weren t any other customers there, so we were seated quickly. The decor of the cafe is really cool. Although, I m not a fan of their high table only seating, that s just personal preference. The service is friendly, but probably needs some polish. Our server was amiable, but felt inexperienced. We had Sweetbread Katsu, Escargot Takoyaki (Esukarugoyaki? ), Smoked Salmon Takoyaki (Sumōkusāmonyaki? Overall, the food tasted good, but it felt like their fillings and breading covered up a lot of the main ingredients flavor.

I really would like to have tasted more of the smoked salmon in the Smoked Salmon Takoyaki. So overall, a fun and interesting cafe to try out. I would return for perhaps a snack, but not necessarily a full meal. Their dishes are priced a bit on the high side for what you get.

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