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Hello! My name is Lomonaaeren, pronounced low-moan-ah-AYER-en (or at least that's how I say it). I'm a writer of, at the moment, mostly HP slash, with some genfic. Most of my stories are Harry/Draco I also write Snarry, Harry/Snape/Draco threesomes, Harry/Lucius, Ginny/Luna, and a few Harry/Tom Riddle and gen fics. I tend to vary widely in terms of theme and genre I've written horror, humor, pure romance, fluff, action/adventure stories, mysteries, and others. My stories tend to rely heavily on magic and on the psychology of the main characters. Most of them don't need to be read in any particular order however, I do have some series. Most of the series are fairly short and have the sequels clearly marked in the summary, but there is one long series that needs some special reading order notes:

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The Cloak and Dagger series is a mixture of one-shots and longer fics about Harry and Draco being Auror partners, hunting Dark wizards called the twisted. The order is Invisible Sparks, Hero's Funeral, Rites of the Dead, Sister Healer, Working With Them, This Enchanted Life, Letters From Exile, Writ on Water, Evening Star, The Library of Hades, There Was Glory, A Reign of Silence, Dictionary of Losses, Mansions of a Monstrous Dignity, The Horn That Was Blowing, Chains of Fool's Gold, and A Panoply of Souls. Other People's Choices was originally a one-shot about Harry being Sorted into Slytherin when the Sorting Hat falls on his head in the Chamber of Secrets. It will now be a longer story about Harry being acclimated to living in Slytherin and having friends of many Houses. Updated Monday.

His Twenty-Eighth Life is a fic about Harry Potter being constantly reborn as the Master of Death, with all his memories. His twenty-eighth life sees him having a brother who is destined to be the Boy-Who-Lived, while Harry is reborn into a body much like his first life’s, with James and Lily as his parents. However, Voldemort learns the truth about Harry that Halloween night and kidnaps him. This will eventually be HPLV slash. Updated Tuesdays.

Lomonaaeren FanFiction

Wednesday One-Shots: A series of one-shots (usually spanning more than one part) with a new story or chapter posted every Wednesday. The current one is Emergence, about a broken Draco recovering under Harry's custody after the war. I have a post on LJ where I collect requests for these stories: Made of Common Clay is a partial parody of Lord Potter tropes.

Harry finds out he’s Lord Potter and Lord Black, but by this time he’s thirty, tired, and jaded. He sets about tearing everything down instead of rejoicing in his privilege. Updated Thursdays. A Brother to Basilisks is a full-blown canon-divergent AU beginning in third year. Harry hears a voice calling him from what turns out to be the Chamber of Secrets, and nothing will ever be the same again.

This is set to be my longest story, running through sixth year at least, and eventual Drarry, but the romance is only now starting. Updated Fridays. Silver Shadow Snake continues the story of the Children of the Sun, in a fic universe where wizards have familiars Muggles cannot see. Harry shocks everyone by appearing with a golden familiar, the highest in the hierarchy of colors, which no one was prepared for. Updates Saturdays.

Temporary Mate sees Harry and Draco navigating a dimension where Veela live, and Draco having to turn himself into a Veela in order to survive. Harry becomes his temporary mate to assist in that survival, until they can reach other Veela and find a better mate for Draco.

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