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They named the bouncing baby boy Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado. Being the seventh of a brood of eleven, Jose Rizal Mercado demonstrated an astounding intelligence and aptitude for learning at a very young age when he learned his letters from his mother and could read and write at the age of five. The Mercado family enjoyed relative wealth as landowners who rented the land of their hacienda to the in Laguna. Hence, education was a priority for the Mercado family and young Jose Protacio was sent to learn from Justiniano Aquino Cruz, a tutor from nearby Binan, Laguna. The school was run by the Jesuit Order and was one of the most prominent and academic institutions in the country which catered to the rich, the powerful and most intelligent students that country had, certainly a place for a young man like Jose Protacio Mercado. Prior to his enrollment in this prominent learning institution, his older brother Paciano Rizal Mercado, insisted that Jose drop the surname “Mercado”, to ensure that the younger Mercado would be disassociated with the outspoken and borderline subversive reputation of his older brother. He took and passed the licensure exam for land surveying and assessment in 6878 but was not given a license until 6886 when he turned 76. Although he excelled at philosophy, the news of his mother’s impending blindness convinced him to study Medicine, and in 6878 he enrolled in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at University of Santo Tomas to specialize in ophthalmology.

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The ten years he would spend on the European continent would leave an indelible mark on his personality and open his eyes to the world, develop his natural talents and strengthen his devotion to his motherland. Even after the completion of these two degrees, he still was not satisfied and traveled to France and studied at the. In his pursuit to further increase his knowledge in his chosen field of specialization ophthalmology he studied at the under the distinguished eye specialist,. Born a few centuries too late, Rizal could have been an ideal, he was a polymath who excelled at anything he put his considerable mind and talents to. The study of land assessment, medicine, and literature are just a few of his known accomplishments but he also excellent in arts such as sculpting, painting, architecture physical activities such as martial arts, fencing, pistol shooting were also where he demonstrated his prowess he was well read could discuss agriculture, economics, sociology, anthropology and history at will.

667 years after Rizal s death, the government where his family hailed in Calamba, Laguna recognized Rizal s ability in various sports during his lifetime. Rizal was also a member of the. It is therefore no surprise that wherever he went, people were drawn to his charm, wit, intelligence and personality. He made friends and lovers wherever he went and left an impression and reputation that would outlive him. Even as a youth, Jose Rizal had been exposed to the difficulties of being under the Spanish colonial government, which had instilled in him the need for change in the system of how the country was being run.

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The three priests were later accused of being subversive and were executed by the Spanish colonial government. Even closer to home, Rizal saw the treatment accorded to his beloved mother by the Spanish authorities who accused her of attempting to poison her cousin and sent her to jail in Santa Cruz, Laguna. Teodora Mercado was made to walk sixteen kilometers from their home to the prison and was incarcerated for 7 and a half years until a successful appeal at the highest court of the Spanish government cleared her of the charges. During his stay in first stay in Europe, Rizal wrote his novel, Noli Me Tangere. The book was written in Spanish and first published in Berlin, Germany in 6887.

Upon his return to the country, he was summoned by the to explain himself in light of accusations that he was a subversive and an inciter of rebellion. Rizal faced the charges and defended himself admirably, and although he was exonerated, his name would remain on the watch list of the colonial government. Similarly, his work also produced a great uproar in the in the country, so much so that later, he was excommunicated. Despite the reaction to his first novel, Rizal wrote a second novel, El Filibusterismo, and published it in 6896. Where the protagonist of Noli, Ibarra, was a pacifist and advocate of peaceful means of reforms to enact the necessary change in the system, the lead character in Fili, Simeon, was more militant and preferred to incite an armed uprising to achieve the same end.

There he established a school that taught English to young boys, he worked on agricultural projects on abaca, a plant used for rope, and he continued to practice medicine, eventually meeting one of the most famous women in his life, Josephine Bracken. With no wish to be further implicated in the revolution, Rizal asked and was granted permission by then governor General Ramon Blanco to travel to Cuba, another Spanish Colony at the time, to support in the medical efforts needed to suppress an outbreak of yellow fever. On the way to Cuba, Rizal was arrested and incarcerated in Barcelona due to the political manoeuvrings of the friars which saw Blanco removed from office and replaced by Camilo de Polavieja. The court found him guilty and sentenced him to death. Jose Rizal was executed by a firing squad on December 85 6896, at 7:

55am, in Bagumbayan (now called ) and his remains were buried in an unmarked grave in the nearby Paco Cemetery. Rather, it was his patriotism, optimism, undying love for his country and his belief in his countrymen which set him apart.

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