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Holiday dating tips

“Oh Santa may have brought you some stars for your shoes. But Santa only brought me the blues Those brightly packaged tinsel covered Christmas blues. ” ~ written and performed by Sammy Cahn and David Jack HoltNOTE: There’s an awesome give-away at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check it out! For many, the Holidays are not happy times. They are filled with stress, anxiety, loneliness, despair, discouragement or a sharp case of the holiday blues. But they don’t have to be.

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There can be so much more joy in the Christmas season than you think. There are, in fact, specific steps you can take to have a happier, more meaningful Christmas this year, even if circumstances are not ideal. The following are some of those steps. On the surface of things, it seems Christmas has become little more than a day of getting stuff—an over-commercialized sales-event of high profits and crazed consumerism. Hardly the inspiration to delve deeper into the soul of the occasion.

But Christmas can provide us with a variety of levels of depth and meaning no matter how Vegas-like Christmas has become. From family togetherness with gift exchanges and Christmas traditions to the original celebration of the birth of Jesus, as believers rededicate our lives to living a Christ-like life of faith and virtue to the popular celebration of the giving spirit of the holiday, there’s something deeply meaningful for almost everyone. By connecting to, your Christmas celebration can itself be deeper, more meaningful, and therefore more perspective-shifting and happiness-inspiring. Sadness is inward-looking. Service is its opposite.

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So go make someone else’s life better, and watch what happens to yours. Joy will start to replace sorrow. Meaning and purpose will begin to reinsert itself into the holiday experience. Self-pity will give way to a growing appreciation for the bounty of life. The service can be as big as joining a group dedicated to large service projects or as small as random acts of kindness in your neighborhood.

Even wishing clerks and others waiting in long holiday lines a “Merry Christmas” can lift their moods, add smiles to tired faces—and chase away your own Christmas blues. Of all the gifts you give this year, perhaps the most meaningful and life-changing will be you offer someone who has offended you. And here’s the surprise: You will likely benefit the most from forgiving than the person you forgive it’s as much a gift to yourself as it is to the offender. :

))Get out the lights. Put up the tree. Blast the tunes. Decorate. Dance around the house.

Invite others over to dance with you. Sing carols.

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