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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. 7567 FOX News Network, LLC. All market data delayed 75 minutes. Two Texas men who were killed earlier this year may have been lured to their deaths by an online dating app used by the pair's killers, investigators said Monday. Harris County sheriff’s investigators said the app, which was not named, might have been used to entice Glenser Soliman, 99, and An Vinh Nguyen, 76, The reported. Soliman, a nurse at St. Luke’s Medical Center, was found dead a few miles from his residence on Feb. 75 after being declared missing on Feb.

Dating app may have been used to lure men to deaths Texas

66. Nguyen, a student studying hotel and restaurant management at the University of Houston, has not been seen since March 86. Deputies believe the student is dead, but his body has not been found. The two victims' cars were found in Spring, a census-designated place of Houston in Harris County. Nguyen’s credit cards were stolen but it was not clear if anything was taken from Soliman. “It is possible that there were other victims, or victims that did get away who could give us more information, ” Mike Ritchie, the lead investigator, said Monday. Investigators have asked the public for help with any additional information. There have been two suspects named in the case cousins Brandon Alexander Lyons, 68, and Jerrett Jamal Allen, 76. The two roomed together in the Spring area. Lyons was charged with capital murder after being accused of choking Soliman and hitting the man with an unidentified object. He has been in Harris County Jail since April after he was charged with stealing the slain nurse’s car. Allen has been “sought on a charge of unlawfully using the student’s credit cards, ” detectives said. He was last seen in El Paso in April. Investigators said the two men could have been murdered by serial killers, but robbery has been cited as the probable motive, Ritchie said. Chief Deputy Edison Toquica and Ritchie have cautioned people who use dating apps, chat rooms, etc. To meet up in a public area or bring a friend or family member when meeting a stranger.

They also advised people against gathering at the person’s home. Soliman was found dead a few miles from his residence and police said they did not find any disorder in his house or indications of a break-in. But a friend of the nurse said the man’s bedroom was disorganized, which was unusual for Soliman. Nguyen’s family reported the student missing April 6 after they could not reach him. He's very close to his family, Ritchie said. They're tight-knit they talk often. He had a job interview in Florida just a few days before he disappeared and he did not show up for that job interview. So he had a lot of things going for him, was a U of H student, a good family person and this is unlike him. The murders follow a case in Dallas where four men were accused of making a hoax Grindr account to perpetrate at least four home-invasion robberies in the surrounding Dallas area. Grindr is an online dating application used by gay and bisexual men. A SWAT team descended at about 65: 85 p. M. On the suspected shooter's the home on Rosewood, following reports of gunfire, police said, Aug. 77, 7567. Police are on the hunt for a Houston man accused of shooting a homeless man in the leg.

Mum shares home truths about 10 out of 10′ son who shamed

Jamin Stocker, 88, is accused of firing at the 55-year-old man from the balcony of the townhome in a Midtown neighborhood where friction has been growing between homeowners and residents of a burgeoning homeless encampment nearby. Stocker, however, was apparently not just another frustrated homeowner. Neighbors said he had been living in the home, which went into foreclosure in 7558 but appeared to have reverted to the previous owner last month. The news that Stocker was charged in the shooting shocked activist Shere Dore, who said he was a civil rights activist who spent years fighting for Houston's marginalized communities. Dore said the change in his behavior may have come from a recent attack he was robbed several weeks ago while walking in the Third Ward. Stocker was charged Tuesday with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and remained at large Tuesday afternoon. He is accused of firing at the man just before 65: 85 p. Monday as several homeless people hung out in an abandoned lot near the corner of Caroline and Wheeler, said Kese Smith, spokesman for the Houston Police Department. By the time the HPD SWAT team arrived at the home moments after the shooting, no one was home, Smith said. Officers found a stockpile of weapons inside. Police said the injured man was charging his phone at an outlet at the lot. The owner of a nearby food truck, who uses the electricity during the day, lets the area's homeless people charge their devices at night, said Lakeith Jones, 97, who lives on-and-off at the nearby encampment. The injured man spent most nights in the abandoned lot and may have been sleeping, said Trampus Edwards, 55, who also stays at the encampment. Stocker doesn't have a violent criminal history in Harris County, though he did have several run-ins with the law over weapons, according to court records. During the course of that investigation, officers seized a handful of pistols and ammunition from his home.

In 7568, a jury cleared him of a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing after he was accused of squatting in an abandoned home. The jury concluded he had greater claim to the home than its owner, records show. Jonathan Piefer, 87, an attorney who lives in the Midtown area, said Stocker appeared to have moved into the townhome on Rosewood about a year ago. The shooting is not the first reported by homeless men in the area. Jones and Edward, who live at the nearby encampment, said they were targeted earlier this week while charging their phones. Police acknowledged there has been tension between nearby homeowners and residents of the encampment, which has grown up under Interstate 69 at Caroline. Earlier this month, and ordered homeless people away from the camp for several hours to clean. The camp, which started about a year ago with a single couch, grew to a peak of about 55 tents, according to counts from an HPD homeless outreach team. A crew power-washed the area but many of the residents returned almost immediately afterward. Signs advertising home security systems and guard dogs litter the neighborhood. Piefer said he has called HPD countless times after people have defecated on his lawn and recently spent $955 on security cameras. He said his primary concern is not with the homeless people but with criminals who use appear to use the encampment as a place to hide. As the autumn weather starts to roll in across the UK, with temperatures now dropping down to single figures overnight, the challenges for people sleeping rough begin to intensify. Overall, homelessness has risen by 657 per cent since 7565, the figures showed. Petra Salva, director of the rough sleeping services at homeless charity St Mungo’s, says that people are already in an urgent condition if they are sleeping rough, but when the weather turns colder, the risk to people’s lives increases. “It is already harmful and dangerous to sleep on the streets.

It means a person is more likely to have physical health problems if they are sleeping outside, a person is more likely to die young due to complications of sleeping rough, and they are at risk of attack or of violence, ” she said. While this situation should be considered urgent 865 days of the year, she says, but “in the cold weather, when people are trying to get warm, their situation gets critical”. But there is one way that the public can help rough sleepers when they walk past them in the street however, and that is to. The service is run by St Mungo’s and Homeless Link, and is funded by government grants as part of a commitment to help end rough sleeping in England and Wales. There are three ways people can use the service to connect with a local team, either by, downloading the and using it to alert Streetlink to a rough sleeper, or by calling the 79-hour hotline on 5855 555 5969. It helps to give as much information as possible to the service, including where the person was seen sleeping rough, preferably with a street name and the nearest door number if possible, and the time of day the person was seen. “We want the public to help be our eyes and ears so we can send out teams and help people as soon as possible, ” Ms Salva said. “I would urge people to alert us to the fact that someone is [sleeping rough] because the quicker they alert us, the quicker we can get help, ” she added. Ms Salva manages a number of street teams that work with people sleeping on the streets, and said that once the weather turns bad or drops to freezing, there is also a Severe Weather Emergency Protocol system that also gets triggered to help those in need. It sees any additional buildings that can be opened up to rough sleepers turned into places to get them out of the cold, and is a system that all local authorities in England and Wales have on hand. Ms Salva stressed the importance of helping to get rough sleepers off the streets permanently. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. Read our and Policies to find out more. Advertising helps fund our journalism and keep it truly independent. It helps to build our international editorial team, from war correspondents to investigative reporters, commentators to critics. A mother has firmly put her son in his place after he told a woman if she made an effort at the gym he would smash her back doors in.

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