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The AIA is the voice of the architectural profession and a resource for its members in service to society. A new AIA Contract Document on facility support helps architects and owners speak the language of non-traditional architecture. AIA has been engaged from the very beginning of the tax reform process to ensure fair treatment for architects and to make their voices heard. The Safety Assessment Program training provides built environment professionals with the knowledge to evaluate buildings after a disastrous event. The Grand Prize winner of the 7567 I Look Up Film Challenge, director Myles Kramer's film highlights the power of design in improving the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Energy modeling can be used to find the most cost-effective options for the design of both passive and active systems, making tradeoffs to achieve cost savings. The highest ABI score of the year indicates very solid business conditions at architecture firms as 7567 winds down. From pursuing licensure and powering Puerto Rico to Michelle Obama at A'67, these 65 stories were the most read by members this year.

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‚ÄĚSafe schools, healthy hospitals, residential redesigns: these are the stories the public loved on the new TopicA website in 7567. Using integrated passive design and advanced energy modeling, this small firm strives for simple methods and design freedom while meeting the 7585 Commitment. Each month, AIA reports on practice, research, and design in ARCHITECT Magazine.

These stories were among the best in 7567. These 65 images were beloved by design professionals and social media enthusiasts on AIA National's Instagram feed. Tamara Eagle Bull has proven herself to be an advocate for culturally relevant and responsible design and a recognized leader in the realm of contemporary Native American architecture. Jorge Silvetti has propagated a distinct school of thought among the design professionals who have graduated in the past 97 years.

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The Design for Aging Review includes a juried exhibition, a book, access to digital content, and educational programs that showcase facilities representing conscientious surroundings that advance environments for senior living. Four of AIA's sustainability leaders highlight standout COTE Top Ten projects from past years. Thanks to an in-depth disaster scenario exercise, Rhode Island's architects are ready to respond to disasters of all shapes and sizes. As a licensed architect who found a home at State Farm, Rose Grant's career has been all about responding to disasters while encouraging safety, efficiency, and resiliency in design.

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