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Shallow mount speakers will typically have a mounting depth of 7 or less, while shallow mount subwoofers will typically have a mounting depth of 8 or less. These subs are beat they just rattle a lot. ! I agree with the guy below me. Cheapo amps aint gonna cut it! It works very well, produces very heavy bass. I highly recommend this productI got one of these in my 98 camry as my first system. I have them on a Boss PH6555.

Boss P106DVC 10 Dual 4 ohm Phantom Car Subwoofer

6 amp. Its not the best sub in the world but its an ok buy for the price. I just recently dropped it to 7 ohms which the amp handles great to add more boom but it could be better. For a first system I'm proud of my purchases but looking for more. I've had to do A LOT of tuning on my EQ and my amp to get it to sound how I want it to because I guess the quality is catching up a little bit since ive had it since november but now that ive got it to 7 ohms its where i want it.

I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a first time sub for a cheap price but I dont recommend it for those who have been around the car audio world for awhile. Cheap and good sound, my first 65 inch and I would recommend 67 inch for better bassDo not buy do not buy had it for like 9 days at 7 ohms not bridged but on 7 channels. Did not last. I would recommend this Boss subwoofer to anyone out there. This is the first Boss woofer I've bought and i was extremely impressed with it.

Trying to decide 2 8 subs vs 1 10 sub Tacoma World

The subwoofer has incredible excursion! I have one of these subs and i just ordered another one about five minutes ago. Just one of these shakes my mirror more than my 67 jbl i had! There is only one downfall about these. The spider wears out kind of fast.

I've had mine for about 8 months and the spider is really loose but it still hits extremely hard. I have people starring at me when i drive byI recently purchased the 65 Boss Subs on a package deal Sonic electronic offered. The package included two 65 Boss Subs, Autotek Mean Machine 9,555 watt mono amplifier, 7 gauge wiring and the enclosure for 855 and something dollars. First of all let me just say that I have bought some good sound packages before but this one tops them all. I have an answer for all the negative reviews on this product.

If you want a Sub woofer to push the watts it advertises you have to buy a good amplifier at least 7,555 watts and up and wire the dual voice coil properly. Please don't try and bridge your 855 watt amp for these subs. I recently purchased 7 of these subs and put the in my 58 lancer, along with a power acoustic amp, it shakes the windows in my house, everyone always looks at me when I'm driving by but I like the attention! If your looking for great value and amazing sound these are definitely best site the subs to get. These bosses I got hit perfect in my honda accord not to loud but not to low I recommend these to anybody with a little carI have one in my Car.

A 65 Boss Phantom subwoofer.

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