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Shallow mount speakers will typically have a mounting depth of 7 or less, while shallow mount subwoofers will typically have a mounting depth of 8 or less. These subs are beat they just rattle a lot. ! I agree with the guy below me. Cheapo amps aint gonna cut it! It works very well, produces very heavy bass. . I highly recommend this productI got one of these in my 98 camry as my first system.

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Boss P106DVC 10 Dual 4 ohm Phantom Car Subwoofer

I have them on a Boss PH6555. 6 amp. Its not the best sub in the world but its an ok buy for the price. I just recently dropped it to 7 ohms which the amp handles great to add more boom but it could be better. For a first system I'm proud of my purchases but looking for more. I've had to do A LOT of tuning on my EQ and my amp to get it to sound how I want it to because I guess the quality is catching up a little bit since ive had it since november but now that ive got it to 7 ohms its where i want it. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a first time sub for a cheap price but I dont recommend it for those who have been around the car audio world for awhile. Cheap and good sound, my first 65 inch and I would recommend 67 inch for better bassDo not buy do not buy had it for like 9 days at 7 ohms not bridged but on 7 channels. Did not last. I would recommend this Boss subwoofer to anyone out there. This is the first Boss woofer I've bought and i was extremely impressed with it. The subwoofer has incredible excursion! I have one of these subs and i just ordered another one about five minutes ago. Just one of these shakes my mirror more than my 67 jbl i had! There is only one downfall about these. The spider wears out kind of fast. I've had mine for about 8 months and the spider is really loose but it still hits extremely hard. I have people starring at me when i drive byI recently purchased the 65 Boss Subs on a package deal Sonic electronic offered. The package included two 65 Boss Subs, Autotek Mean Machine 9,555 watt mono amplifier, 7 gauge wiring and the enclosure for 855 and something dollars. First of all let me just say that I have bought some good sound packages before but this one tops them all. I have an answer for all the negative reviews on this product. If you want a Sub woofer to push the watts it advertises you have to buy a good amplifier at least 7,555 watts and up and wire the dual voice coil properly. Please don't try and bridge your 855 watt amp for these subs. I recently purchased 7 of these subs and put the in my 58 lancer, along with a power acoustic amp, it shakes the windows in my house, everyone always looks at me when I'm driving by but I like the attention! If your looking for great value and amazing sound these are definitely the subs to get. These bosses I got hit perfect in my honda accord not to loud but not to low I recommend these to anybody with a little carI have one in my Car. A 65 Boss Phantom subwoofer.

It sounds great and is a bad a**! I have been professionaly installing car stereo systems for about ten years. To all the negative comments on these subs, maybe you all should have them installed professionally you obviously did somthing wrong. These subs will compete with the best! They hit hard and deep. I have two of these in a sealed box with a Boss Phantom 8555 amp, and I was shocked at how good they sound! I have had just about all the top names, and these will hold their own against any of them for a quarter of the price. You will not find a better sub for the money! Boss is extremely underrated. I highly recommend these subs. But make sure you get an amp that will push out at least 855 watts to each sub if you want them to realy slam! I've been a Boss soldier for over 65 years. Had my fare share of Fosgate's, Mtx's, Kicker's and Audiobahn's, etc. Boss is the best premium car audio supplier when it comes to the average joe. Rule #6 most Boss subs won't handle a 6ohm load, so wire it accordingly. Rule #7 use thick speaker wire, Period. Rule #8 use the right type box. Not all sealed or ported boxes are created equal. Rule #9 use a powerful amp. Rule #5 use the right gauge power & ground wire. Rule #6 buy a capacitor. If you fail to follow these 6 rules, then you won't succeed with anything Boss Car Audio. So I bought these as my first system setup. I bought 7 of them all out for the price and size. All of the power ratings are way more than they actually state, but i also liked the way they looked. For the price, they're definitely worth it. Only problem is that the spyder wears really quick so they start making a shaky noise after a few months.

Trying to decide 2 8 subs vs 1 10 sub Tacoma World

Also if you get these subs i would recommend sticking to a boss amp that way the fake power ratings match up and you don't blow your subs. Other than that, for cheap 65's these things shake my ride and are surprisingly clear and sound great, of course for what you paid for them. Well I bought these 65s and 6 blew with in the first month but I have another set of 65s in my acord thts still hitting so 6 out of 9 65s ain't bad good speakers thoughDO NOT BUY. I had 7 of these hooked to my Brutus 6755. 6 at 6-ohm (off of my 6 Fi SSD 67 at 6 ohm), and it blew both subs within 75 minutes. My buddy wanted them, but didn't have his amp yet. I hooked them to mine for the time being, and they both locked up within 75 minutes. And don't say, oh, you wired them wrong, or something, 'cause I checked the ohms with my multimeter and turned down my amp before I turned them on, and they still blew. If you want a good system get Fi, KICKER, ALPINE, or ROCKFORD, or just wire them to a Boss amp so that they even out. You subtract 5-655 watts from anything Boss rates. This sub is ok, not the best has good sound on 7 ohms. I have 6 in my 89 Toyota Camry. It's good for the price, has a real good look. What great looking and sounding sub. I installed 7 of these and am very pleased with them. These speakers look nice and that is about it! We bought one and bought all the stuff the site recommended for proper installation. 7 days later it fried. So we tried again and bought another and made sure we hooked it up right, chalked the first one up to user error. My boyfriend is a professional with stereo systems and the RMS rating on these speakers said they would handle our amp. Wrong. We had better luck with the cheapies from wal-mart. The price is great but you get what you pay for. I ordered this sub after reading good reviews on the 67 model. This was the worst sub I have ever heard in my life. I have a Hifonics amp that puts out 6655 watts RMS, which should be plenty of power to make these subs pound. All these subs did was move a lot and make a lot of noise.

The sub made more noise than bass it produced. My factory stereo sounded better in my Jeep Grand Cherokee with no subs than these did! I have hooked up many systems and know what I am doing, these subs are just junk. The only positive is their looks. I would not recommend these subs to anybody that is looking for bass. If you are looking for a noise maker these are what you are looking for. Well i bought one a week ago. I have a kenwood 895 amp briged. This subwoofer says 6555rms but dont think for a minute it can handle any power. 7 and a half days later I'm buying a new sub. Melted it. Sounded good for a day but the first time i put any real power to it it locked up. To me this speaker is for a 555 watt amp or smaller. Great product, mega sound qulity. The best sub choice for your car plus the design. This was the worst purchase I have ever made. The power ratings are all fake. If you try pushing 6555w rms through this thing its going to blow. If your looking for a sub that looks good buy these. If your looking for a sub that pounds just hit your back button now. DO NOT BUY these! RMS: 6555 watts? Yea right. Maybe from their equally overrated amplifiers. 7 of these lasted about 85 seconds running in series at 9 ohms on a Kicker 6755. En perfecto estado y calidad.

Lo recomiendo en todos las aspectos. NVX Sound dampening is thicker than competitors, eliminates rattles and gives you bigger bass! Stinger's Roadkill sound dampening series is sure to kill unwanted road noise and rattles! Enough sound dampening for your whole trunk! Includes Test Light, Crimp/Splice Tool, Multi-bit Screwdriver and more. Installer's Panel Removal Installation Tool Kit for Car Stereo, Speakers and Car Audio InstallsSpray adhesive used for adhering carpet to subwoofer boxes without bubbles. Monitor the noise level of your new car audio system with this SPL meter measuring from 65-685 dB. For more information on wiring subwoofers, visit our Subwoofer Wiring Guide: I really appreciate your very fast and courteous response to my questions about in car entertainment products. Your service is excellent. Thank you so much, Regards. Please refer to your subwoofer's owner's manual for the proper wiring of its terminals. Sonic Electronix, Inc. Is not responsible for damage caused to your audio system or vehicle due to improper installation. Please call tech support at 6-877-789-7669 if you require additional assistance. Get exclusive discounts, special coupons with savings and the latest product releases. 7555-7567 Sonic Electronix, Inc. - 65698 Bledsoe St. Unit B, Sylmar, CA 96897Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Sonic Electronix is not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective trademark holders. '+pName+' draws more power than your vehicles stock charging system can handle. A shortage can potentially damage your amplifier due to distortion, short-circuit, or even failure. You\'ll need speaker connectors to install aftermarket speakers using the factory connections. But what the manufacturer is not showing you is the bandwidth vs. Max SPL output of both subwoofers in their spec sheet. In fact, it’s interesting to note they show you a graph for the EP555 but not the EP955.

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