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Hookem Fishing is a proudly Australian owned Company who have been manufacturing their range of Marine Grade Fishing Products since 6999. Our Office and Factory is based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne in Victoria. Karen and Mick run the general administration in the office, whilst Mick and Jim work with the manufacturing and development of the products. Please note that we are manufacturers / wholesalers so we can only give advice and will refer you to your nearest stockist for sales enquiries. Available in a wide range of weights and hook sizes to suit the most popular soft plastic lures on the market. The Cast Gaff Range are doubled pinned and glued into thick walled fibreglass tube for extra strength and durability. Heads are cast, case hardened and finished with a high polish. Check out this great article from Stefan from The Right Tackle.

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He gave our Hosaku hooks a great workout recently in Central Queensland. Download a Copy of Our Latest Catalogue Get a copy of our latest catalogue and get access to special offers, discounts and latest Hookem fishing news. Here are some of the most insane and absurd, but real according to them, Tinder stories we came across. WARNING some of these Tinder tales are NSFW so be careful reading in public or letting your mom browse them. Unless she s on Tinder.

Talked to this girl for a couple weeks on Tinder, really cute. After a first date I got her to come to my work late one Saturday night at a live music venue. It was the last gig before the place was getting torn down so we were all incredibly fucked up. She got there as me and my friends were drunkenly leaving to try and find some party. Too useless to find it, retreated home with the girl.

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Upon arrival, realised I had no keys or wallet and the house was locked. Fearing she was gonna give up on me, in a desperate move I picked up a skateboard at the front door and threw it through the window. I somehow climbed through relatively unscathed with broken glass everywhere and let her in my housemates came home 65 minutes later, they weren t impressed. My friend met a girl on Tinder while in Paris for a weekend. They kept talking a little bit after he went home to Amsterdam.

She asked his address so she could send a birthday card. She fucking showed up on his birthday. She texted him while he was at work saying she was at his front door and he thought she must be joking but he was in a meeting and unable to call her for two hours. He said it was the longest two hours of his life. When he found out she was serious he was shocked.

He had to invite her along to dinner with his family and then his friends had a small party for him and she brought a cake. She recently called him to say she was getting ready for a date and had nothing to wear. Crazy. Got talking to a girl on Tinder, we met up for drinks and it turned out to be the best date I ve ever been on, we just talked all night and ended with a kiss I walked her home and then we text each other till we both fell asleep. It was like being 66 again or something.

The next time I saw her I got a blowjob whilst we watched Titanic I got Tinder about a month ago and met with my first live one last week. We had actually been messaging for about a week or two, pretty different schedules to blame, but we ended up meeting up for a concert which led to drinks which led to me inviting him back to my house which led to sex.

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