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Thanks John a work in progress of course and lots yet to do! Hi Dirk! Greetings TO South Africa! Nice to have you aboard! Well thanks for passing it on but you know you can find a pretty nice acoustic these days for $655 or so. If you decide to pick one up again you know where to find me. Congratulations Jackson! I am so impressed with your generosity in making this site available to inspire and assist guitar fans everywhere.

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I am sending a link to my brother, niece and nephew in Alberta who are all heavily involved in the music scene there. I look forward to visiting your site often just to see it evolve even though I am not a guitar player myself. The video is WILD THING Guitar Lesson and can be found on the Three Chord Song page Three Chord Rock. So glad he loves the guitar! Hi Jackson, I really like your lessons and attitude towards life that shows in your personality, you have already taught me more than you can imagine and got me started learning new things again on my guitar. It is easy to get in a rut with practising and new songs are much appreciated. Best regards Rich, live long and propsper, Wow Rich. Thanks for the kind words. I m glad you feel rejuvenated! May the force be with you! Hey Jackson, great site, Have to say you were a big influence on me back in the 85s Mace days. (I spent alot of time at Garys ). You guys opened my ears up to some great music like the Arrows, the Doobie brothers and LRB when I was in my teenage Heavy Metal stage. Those songs stuck with me all my life and made me a better musician. Now I am passing that on to my kids. Thank you! Thanks so much Lee always great to think back to those great days! I hope in some small way the site can help with your family s music! Hope you are still active and above all enjoying it. By the way MACE is still playing. Not sure if you knew. I know what you mean about those gaps Brent. Great to know that you are back at it though and hope I can help a bit with the re-entry! All the best. JacksonThanks so much Bruce. It s the guitar intro to Layla by Derek and the Dominos. I much appreciate you taking the time to say so. Cheers from Canada! Merci Beaucoup! Hi Jackson, I have been on few sites but find your lessons explain details a lot clearer.

I lost my hearing 9 years ago and I loved trying to play guitar. You can understand how devastated I was because I was learning to play guitar at that time, but now I have had a Cochlear implant which gives me hearing back though it s not same as natural hearing. Your videos are very clear and chord and strumming so clear to me and the way you demonstrate above is ace. Merry Christmas. Regards johnMuch appreciated John and I m VERY happy for your improved hearing and health! I just stumbled onto one of your YouTube videos and as a three year guitar player, mainly learning from videos, I think your lessons are the highest quality out there! The video/sound clarity, the rhythm lesson, guitar/amp tone, your attitude, and your voice are all awesome! Great selection of covers to learn. Your website is so professional, that I ll probably sit here all winter. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Life is good! Well thanks Terry. There are a lot worse things you could be doing so ROCK ON! Well Nic if I ever need an agent I ll be sure to look you up! Thanks so much for the kind words! Hey Jackson, I really enjoy checking out you website. I have been inspried to learn new songs. . I do a local open mic night here in my town and did a song that was really accepted well, Please come to Boston. Thought you might like to post it for your subscribers Keep doing what you do bestThanks so much Ken. I ll keep that Dave Loggins song in mind so glad you are performing for others! Thanks so much Tony what a kind thing to say! Thank your wife as well. And welcome! Excellent site. So keep playing and instructing and of course keep smiling. I would like to see ac/dc, theres gonna be some rockin, it sounds and looks easy, i hope you can post it, great website, keep up the good work. Hi Jackson, Years ago I tried to teach myself a little guitar, a little luck with some chords. Always wanted yo play Long Cool Woman, than found your site looking around you-tube, loved it and already working on the opening riff. So signed up and starting beginning lessons.

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I also would like to learn more of LCW, chords and how to that blues chop. THANX JonWell done Jackson your video on pretty woman is excellent you made it so easy to follow, keep up the good work and what a voice. Best regards Kevin from sunny Spain. Com thanks for the kind words! Many thanks Liam and I m glad you are enjoying and improving! As for me. Just having fun! Hi Jackson What electric would you recommend that sounds good for most of the songs you playHi Don. Well one you might like quite a bit that doesn t kill your wallet either. Is a Reverend Flatroc RT. The RT stands for Revtron which are very cool retro sounding pickups. But they have some bite. Used around $855-955. Any of the RT models are worth looking at. Not just the Flatroc. But I prefer their bolt-on guitars just because I prefer the neck. Reverends also have a bass contour control. Makes it a very versatile instrument! Hope that helps. Jackson i have been workin on ( hide your love away) for a couple of days now, great song and then the other day i saw your new video on it as usual it was a big help, i really enjoy your websit. Thanks again, mikeHi, Jackson! I just wanted to tell you that of all the guitar sites I ve visited, yours is by far the best! I have learned more from you then all the others put together. I can t tell you how much I appreciate your lessons. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks so much Marc yes. By Seals Crofts good tune I will keep it mind. The list is long! Hi Adrian. There are still some tunes that cause me grief when trying to sing AND play.

Some of them are just too much work and time for me to tackle but most get better with repetition. Practice, practice, practice! Something happened to my passion for music back around 6995 and I just stopped playing, and even listening. Sold my les Paul and gear and dedicated myself to hard work and talk radio. Recently, a little kindling has ignited after I picked up one of my now grown son s guitars and tried to slush out Rick Springfield s Jessie s girl after hearing it on a movie on TV the other night. After googling to find the proper chords I stumbled upon your site, which I found to be well done. The raging inferno is long gone, but here s hoping that little spark will grow into a well-seasoned and comforting fire. Thanks for your kindness. Very cool story Rob. I wish you all the best stoking your fire and glad to help if I can! Really enjoying the lessons. One of these lessons, could you cover Johnny Rivers Memphis especially the intro and the lead part? Thanks Don! Memphis is actually a lesson featured on my other site songmentor. ComYour story is inspirational EZ. Keep focused on the good and keep learning. Glad I can help a little. Hi Jackson! I just recently found your site and wanted to let you know how great it is to get such helpful and easy to follow lessons from someone who has such a visible genuine passion for the guitar. More important to me though, is the fact that you have such a great teaching style patient and ALWAYS with a smile on your face! LOVE IT! ! THANKS FOR BEING YOU! I am a young person, and this site has all the classics! I am a begginer, but this helps all. Thanks Jackson! MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS THANKS FOR EVERYTHING I HAVE GOT SO MUCH BETTER SENTS IVE BEEN ON THIS SITE THANK YOU SO MUCHWell EZ there s only one guy. But from this one guy. You are most welcome Merry Christmas! I ve been trying to learn guitar for a wile, but no luck, glad I found this website, it is great, hopefully this time I will learn.

Great job and thank you. Hello Mace! I recently took up guitar and I found your web site looking for (youtube)Blue Moon of Kentucky. Many thanks for your generous and valuables lessons, you re a great teacher! I do also enjoy the stories you write around the songs, best regards from Argentina! I m 57 years old. I ve played for over 95 years. Dude, you just absolutely killed me with joy. Finally Finally I have found a mentor. I am so excited! Thanks! Thanks Duane I m glad you are excited it s good to have you on board! Hi! Could you please send me the link to the premium site? Thanks Chris. Hi, your lessons are so easy to follow and understand, I have a fair knowledge of playing/singing and have been in many bands and soloing for quite some time, yet I still learn from each lesson you put up! I would certainly like to extend my knowledge with you, Cheers! Thanks so much Graham! I appreciate your supportive words and I will send you that link! Jackson, Lost your web site in a computer crash back in October 69. Just found you again and now I can sleep nights. Really appreciate your teachings and look forward to getting back in the swing of things. Hi Jackson, Like the easy way you explain things, but would be very helpful to me if you explain strumming patterns in more detail. I can t seem to make some of your songs sound right. I m a novice, and I like songs like Margaritaville and Brown Eyed Girl as well as all of Johnny Cash s songs. If the strumming is out it sounds sh house. Yours is a common concern Peter. I admittedly created some lessons that were a bit lacking in that area. I ve corrected that mistake with my Song Mentor program. Don t know anything about your Web site stumbled across it while looking for a tutorial to play JOHNNY B GOODE.

Am presently looking for a tutorial to play the lead riffs for GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY CCR version. Hey Jackson, you are doing some good things here, I have enjoyed learning Long Cool Woman intro, but trying to get the rest of it. Wondering if you would share the rest, looks pretty easy, just can t figure it out.

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