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Cryptography has to do with coding to keep data secure, and cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual asset that uses cryptography as a security measure. For that reason, it’s hard to counterfeit. Bitcoin is one of the first cryptocurrencies to hit the scene. It was launched in 7559 by “, ” a pseudonym that could be a person or a group (it was open source and peer to peer). The thing is, there’s no central agency (like the government) that issues or regulates these cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the decentralized digital currency dominated by white men, seemed on the verge of…Which is why it’s been such an attractive option for shady business activities,. You can buy and sell it just like any other investment, from company stock to Beanie Babies. The problem with not having a central authority regulating these currencies:

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“Last month, the technology developer Gnosis sold $67. 5 million worth of ‘GNO, ’ its in-house digital currency, in 67 minutes. The April 79 sale, intended to fund development of an advanced prediction market, got admiring coverage from and. On the same day, in an exurb of Mumbai, a company called OneCoin was in the midst of a sales pitch for its own digital currency when financial enforcement officers, jailing 68 OneCoin representatives and ultimately seizing more than $7 million in investor funds. So if you’re going to invest in a coin, which is an iffy enough move as it is, you certainly want to make sure it’s not just any random cryptocurrency that could just be a scam. So what about tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are popular, widely covered options? (And that are. ) Are they smart investments? Some people say investing is like playing the lottery. That’s not entirely accurate, though. Long-term, broad investing, the and the kind that will help you build a nest egg over time, is very different from speculative, active trading, which is a lot more like gambling. Cryptocurrency, a volatile, unpredictable investment, falls into that category. Many people don’t invest because it seems overly complicated. But if you want to build wealth, …With active trading, you’re taking a guess at how a specific investment (or investments) will trade on a short-term basis. The goal isn’t to simply keep up with the stock market like it is with long-term investing the goal is to make a bunch of money and get rich quickly. And you know, some Bitcoin and Ethereum investors! Seems like a good deal, right? But the thing is, the price of these cryptocurrencies often swings from one extreme to another. (In, the price of Ethereum plummeted from $869 to $5.

65! )Plus, any time the value of something skyrockets too quickly, a bubble often follows, and that’s exactly what: “Crytocurrencies, of which bitcoin is the leader, will fall back in value and more than the fat drop bitcoin has already had. ”Despite its reputation for getting constantly hacked, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin remains a hot…Not to mention, there’s also the old investing adage, “buy low and sell high. ” If you bought Ethereum right now, you’re buying high. If you still need reasons to avoid it, though, makes a good case for keeping digital currency out of your portfolio: your investment options are limited, there aren’t any safety protocols, and most of us don’t really completely understand how they work. “Most people have no clue how Bitcoin or Ethereum work, or understand how they’re challenging monetary theory. That’s a dangerous formula for volatility and potential money loss, ” writer Sean Williams says. The bottom line: get rich quick schemes rarely work out well. Sure, people occasionally win the lottery, but for most of us, investing shouldn’t feel like playing the lottery. It should be a long game, allowing you to gradually build wealth over time with much less risk. That said, if you’re going to invest in cryptocurrencies anyway (maybe you don’t want to replace your entire retirement portfolio, you just want a small taste), here’s how to go about it. Website Coinbase seems to be the most popular option for buying Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Litecoin. It’s also the easiest,. You have to verify your account and then you can add different payment methods for buying your tokens (bank accounts, wire transfers, credit or debit cards). Evans explains: “Other options for exchanges that will take U.

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S. Dollars for coins are, and in the U. Typically you will need to verify your account with a driver’s license and add other details to expand your buy limits. ”These websites will also let you sell your coins when you’re ready. If you have extra cash to invest on hand, it might be an interesting experiment. I’ve dabbled in day trading myself, just to understand it better, and while I earned a decent return in a short amount of time, I also lost a lot of money after that. Over time, it all evened itself out. Some short-term investors have much better luck others have much worse luck. The point is, you don’t want to put most of your money to work this way. You might get lucky with these new, shiny investments, but in reality, wealth building is pretty boring: buy some broad, diverse funds and hold onto them over the years. It’s not quite as sexy as cryptocurrency, but it’s probably a safer bet for your hard-earned cash. Should I Invest in Precious Metals? About the author Kristin Wong Kristin Wong Contributing writer, Lifehacker. Find more of her stuff at www. Thewildwong. Com. If you are a golfer over 55, should you hinge your wrists in the backswing? That is the question that is gathering some interest in golf instruction circles these days and is an important question that could make a big difference in your golf game.

The question comes down to your priorities. If you want to increase your accuracy than decreasing the hinge in your wrists may make a big impact on your game. But if currently need more power and distance (like most golfers over 55), actually increasing the hinge in your wrists can help keep you in the game when competing against younger golfers. The most vocal proponent of a no wrist hinge golf swing, is the very opinionated Don Trahan. Father of tour player DJ Trahan, Don Trahan crafted the Peak Performance Golf Swing. One of the primary tenants of the PPG golf swing is, as Don describes it, absolutely no wrist hinge in the backswing. He writes that the primary problem with adding wrist hinge to the golf swing is that it adds another moving part to the swing. Adding another moving part increases the possibility of variation and inconsistency in the golf swing, similar to how moving your head around increases variation and inconsistency. This appears to be a valid point and worth exploring. 7. Increases tendency for you to cup your wrist (and slice) or bow your wrist (and hook). A lot of golf instruction is centered around eliminating unnecessary moving parts in the golf swing to maximize efficiency and consistency. However, you do have to move something to swing the club. So the question is, do the benefits outweigh the negatives of eliminating extra wrist hinge from your golf swing? We will explore this further at the end of the post. The other point that Trahan makes is that the wrist does not have a lot of natural motion in the cocking and un-cocking plane of motion. This is true. As a result, Trahan claims that trying to cock your wrists in this motion in the backswing, causes golfers to cup or bow their wrists and this motion will affect your accuracy. I am not sold on this idea but, in general, golfers with cupped wrists at the top may have a greater tendency to slice the ball and golfers with bowed wrists may have more of a tendency to hook it (although though there are examples of accomplished pro s with cupped wrists, ei Fred Couples, and bowed wrists, ei Dustin Johnson).

It is important to point out that Trahan is not saying the wrists should not be cocked at all in the golf swing. He is saying that you should not cock your wrists any further than where they are cocked in the address position. . No additional wrist cocking. You will notice in this golf swing that, although Stricker has much less wrist hinge that the majority of golfers, there is some wrist hinge that occurs. More on this later. Here is where the differences in ideology come into play. If you need accuracy more than distance, theoretically, you should cock your wrists less. However, if you are like many senior golfers, you would likely benefit more from distance as long as accuracy is not affected too much. After all, a loss of a little accuracy with a 9 iron is more beneficial than having to hit into the same green with a long iron, even if you hit the long iron straighter. (This is because the longer the golf shot, the more amplified your miss becomes). Rational being that the more you cock your wrists = the longer your backswing = the faster your downswing = more distance. At the time, I was skeptical of the theory. However, I received a flood of feedback from golfers that actually used this technique and loved it! Lesson learned! I am writing this additional section for your information, so you can make a rational decision on whether you should add or subtract wrist hinge. This is NOT an attack on Trahan or the PPG swing. However, Trahan is promoting and sticking to his strict belief that there is absolutely no additional wrist cocking in the swing. I have extensively read and listened to his reasoning and find it to be.

Odd. As a professional that has spent a lot of time on understanding how the human body moves, I really struggle to follow his rational. I took screen shots of his golf swing and I think they speak for themselves. As seen in the picture with Stricker, there is additional wrist hinge in the swing, albeit much less than the classic golf swing.

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