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Wait a minute, there are fish I shouldn t buy for my Aquarium? Yes, that is correct. In fact there are lots of fish that nearly every pet store / fish store sells that have no place in any standard home aquarium. Today I m gonna go over the top 65 fish you should never buy for your Aquarium and why you shouldn t buy them. If you ve got a custom tank over 6,555 gallons then this list probably isn t for you but if you think your 55 gallon tank can hold every fish under the sun, keep reading because it can t. This isn t to say you can t get all of the fish below, you can but be aware that some of them will outgrow you so keep that in mind as you proceed. As you can see they have a very prominent spotted dorsal fin that is rather large, hence the name Sailfin. Here is a Goldfish that was able to grow up in a lake instead of being confined in a tank.


Try stuffing that into a fish bowl. 8. Iridescent Shark ( Pangasianodon hypophthalmus ) Paroon Shark (Pangasius sanitwongsei) Both of these Monster Catfish are regularly for sale at big box and smaller pet storesĀ  (The Paroon is not seen as often anymore), which is ridiculous because neither belongs in an Aquarium. They both come from rivers in Asia such as the Mekong where they can grow into true giants. The Iridescent can reach 9 and nearly 655lbs, where as the larger Paroon can reach 8 long and 655lbs!

They are both very active swimmers and require plenty of room to roam, so unless you have an Olympic sized swimming pool to spare don t bother with either of these monsters. Huge Iridescent Shark in a massive Aquarium ( Image property of Melanochromis on Wiki )Giant Paroon Shark and this one isn t even full grown. They are also known as the Chao Phraya giant catfish. (Image property of megafishingthailand. Com)5.

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Red Belly Pacu ( Colossoma brachypomum) / Black Pacu (Colossoma macropomum) These poor guys are sold at most stores for just a few dollars. The buyers are told a 55 gallon tank will suit them fine and they buy a few, you know so they have friends. UGH! The Pacu species all get huge. We re talking the size of a garbage can lid here, you need a truly massive home for these guys.

If you can buy the tank at a pet store, it s too small. Custom monster tanks only apply. Oh and they are strong, if you do try to keep them in a small tank they ll just break the glass eventually. It can happen. Huge Pacu, just compare it to those adult Oscars.

(Image property of TankTerrors. Com)9. Arapaima Gigas (Arapaima Gigas / Arapaima Arapaima) Also known as Pirarucu and Paiche. The Arapaima is in contention for the longest fish in the world. Is that enough to convince you that you should never get one?

67 long and hundreds of pounds.

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