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 You can probably find one cheeper online. There is nothing really hard in this step. All I bought was the tank and a CO7 paintabll coil hose. The coil hose had a quick connect included with it which was great. I've included a link of where to buy this set up as it makes things a lot easier in future steps (although you could get away without it). Once you have both, simply connect the regulator to the tank but dont screw down the top nozzle as we dont need any co7 to come out yet. At the end with the quick connect on it, unscrew the black 8/8 fitting (meant for paintball guns) as we do not need this, it is round with a gasket on it. The 6/8 silver piece of the quick connect that is exposed once we remove this black piece will work just as well.

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The barrel is made completely out of copper. Here, you need to have some knowledge of (easy to learn if not). Once you have connected all the copper sections, connect the the 8/8 to 6/9 reducer. Although I have the hose barb pictured next, don't do that. Put a 95 degree elbow instead and leave the barrel like that.

This will make it inserting it into the cannon easier later. So the only change from the picture is the 95 degree elbow instead of the hose barb and hose. Another pretty straight forward step. Put the two hose barbs in the hose, clamp down, screw in blowgun on one end. You may have to cut the hose to the right length later on so it may be wise not to insert the second barb until you know how long the hose will be.

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Now we attach all the fittings to the tank assembly we made in the previous step. Make sure to add the check valve, I forgot to put it in the drawing. Do not connect the barrel, blow valve or co7 yet, just make the tank assembly as seen in the first picture (I moved the check valve to right after the tee in my final version but it isn't that important. )  Use a reducing bushing to connect the cross to the gauge. If you plan on assembling this gun and not attaching it to a nerf gun as I have, this is your last step.

Feel free to make whatever you want out of it. Its pretty easy to change barrel sizes and all sorts of modifications. Continue onward to place the assembly in the gun (still do not attach the barrel, blowgun, or co7 yet. )This is the I used. Sorry But I didn't take any pictures of this step.

Basically you want to unscrew the whole thing and clear out any loose parts. Next, using a dremel and your own judgement, dremel out what you think will get in the way of the cannon barrel. Once you have all of it Dremeled out and have ensured, by testing, that the barrel fits, paint it whatever color you like and let dry. I made two additional holes. Using the hose clamps, secure down the tank to the frame of the gun.

Cut a small piece of 6/7 PVC to support the cross (or whatever else you have handy. You will need to make a slot for the clamp at this section.

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