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No one should tell you how to handle the money you ve earned. She is trying to control you and if you give in it s only going to get worst. Stand up for yourself and move out. She clearly has issues and isn t reasonable. What happen in the past should not be used against you and especially if you trust someone enough to tell them about yourself. I understand and think u shud get out. She won t change and u will end up hating and loosing urselfBreak up with her it s not healthy for a couple even if you like them or love them it s not okay for a boyfriend or girlfriend to do thatI m not sure how old this post is. But I m goung through the same exact thing with my bf.

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I can t take it anymore, I feel like I m turning into someone I m not. I have so much anger toward him I want to leave more than anything but have no support system with my family. They know he treats me this way but dismisses it bc they adore him. He s good to everyone but me. I don t get it!

My boyfriend saids I always say shit to piss him off and he saids I do it on purpose I can say or ask him anything and he saids I m rud no matter how sweet I m being well we got into a fight and I started packing my clothes to leave and he grabed my arm really hard a pushed me down. This is the 8rd time he also saids that I make him want to smash my face in. Should I be worried about these threats. I feel you. My boyfriend is very sweet.

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But he has a bad temper. He threatens me that he will call my mother and tell her how stupid I am. He wants me to pay all the expenses he paid for me on our dates. He threatens to destroy all my things. Even even humiliated me at the mall.

He calls me names, and insults me, and blames me for his behavior. My boyfriend punched me in the face today and my face is swollen and painful. He said because I spit on him I deserve it and its all my fault. He has beat me lots of times but never punched me, this is the first time. Then he packs his things and leaves like I hurt him.

He s manilulative, a compulsive liar, and a cheater. I have so much hatred towards him, I can hardly stand to look at him any more. What s worse is willl come back to borrow like nothing ever happened. I spit on him because he constantly blames me and puts me down, and honestly I have no respect for the pig. He starts arguments for no reason and then tells me I started it and its my fault.

I hate him and I m not the kind of person that goes around hating people. I m stuck with him until I start working again.

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