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No one should tell you how to handle the money you ve earned. She is trying to control you and if you give in it s only going to get worst. Stand up for yourself and move out. She clearly has issues and isn t reasonable. What happen in the past should not be used against you and especially if you trust someone enough to tell them about yourself. I understand and think u shud get out. She won t change and u will end up hating and loosing urselfBreak up with her it s not healthy for a couple even if you like them or love them it s not okay for a boyfriend or girlfriend to do thatI m not sure how old this post is. But I m goung through the same exact thing with my bf.

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I can t take it anymore, I feel like I m turning into someone I m not. I have so much anger toward him I want to leave more than anything but have no support system with my family. They know he treats me this way but dismisses it bc they adore him. He s good to everyone but me. I don t get it! My boyfriend saids I always say shit to piss him off and he saids I do it on purpose I can say or ask him anything and he saids I m rud no matter how sweet I m being well we got into a fight and I started packing my clothes to leave and he grabed my arm really hard a pushed me down. This is the 8rd time he also saids that I make him want to smash my face in. Should I be worried about these threats. I feel you. My boyfriend is very sweet. But he has a bad temper. He threatens me that he will call my mother and tell her how stupid I am. He wants me to pay all the expenses he paid for me on our dates. He threatens to destroy all my things. Even even humiliated me at the mall. He calls me names, and insults me, and blames me for his behavior. My boyfriend punched me in the face today and my face is swollen and painful. He said because I spit on him I deserve it and its all my fault. He has beat me lots of times but never punched me, this is the first time. Then he packs his things and leaves like I hurt him. He s manilulative, a compulsive liar, and a cheater. I have so much hatred towards him, I can hardly stand to look at him any more. What s worse is willl come back to borrow like nothing ever happened. I spit on him because he constantly blames me and puts me down, and honestly I have no respect for the pig. He starts arguments for no reason and then tells me I started it and its my fault. I hate him and I m not the kind of person that goes around hating people. I m stuck with him until I start working again. I m thinking of going to a women s shelter. I can t handle him any more.

Mine says the same thing! I m always looking at some dude somewhere, even on t. V. , I can say the littlest thing and I m a stupid b***h. Mine also says he wants to smash my face in. . (he s actually given me some black eyes). Told me he was gonna kill me. He s crazy psycho. But everytime I tell him to leave he gets worst and try s to pull my hair. Drags me by my hair across the floor. My boyfriend pushes me and throws me to the ground he grabs my head and neck and yells in my face then tells me it s my fault that I pushed him to it or that I wanted it to happen. He gets in my face and corners me then yells at me for getting in HIS face or hitting him when I throw my arm up to block my face. I have been living with him and I have no where to go if I leave him. I don t know what to do. The other night I wanted to kill myself. I filled the tub and tried to cut myself with razors. It hurt too much and I couldn t do it so I tried tying a plastic bag around my head and submerging myself under water. Again I couldn t do it. When he came home and saw the scene he accused me of staging it to get back at him. I feel so alone and he only confirms my worthlessness. I have no friends or parents to turn to that would understand. Kate! Please see that you are worth so much more! You can and will get out of this situation. You seem like a nice girl and I think somehow along the lines we just start feeling bad about ourselves and thus we seek out what we feel we deserve. But that isn t true! Your friends and family would be devistated if anything happened to you! You should see the light at the end of this a new life with eventually a new person who will respect you and love you, for you.

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No matter what kind of person you are, you do not deserve this! Please call a suicide hotline or get help via a friend or confidant. My friend committed suicide last May and it has hurt so many people I would give anything to have been able to speak with her and make her feel not so alone. Just remember to be strong! Yu seriously need tu get out and away from this fool. When he leaves research on yur phone for local women shelters. There r resources that will help you. Where r yu located, if I may ask tu see Wht may b available near yuYou are the Crazy one not her. I know your girlfriend and you are a Liar and a cheater. Grow the fuck up and stop Lying you piece of shit My g/f abuses me all the time. She ignores me when shes playing games on her phone! She doesn t do the chores I tell her to do and she doesn t make me dinner or clean the dishes as she needs to do on a daily basis. She doesn t understand that a woman should always listen to her man and do as she s told. I feel very disrespected! I just don t know how much more of this I can take! It is not her responsibility to cook for you. Cook for yourself and men can clean too. What? ? You sound like the abuser here. She isn t your slave. Get off your own behind and cook yourself a meal. And after you do that, clean up your mess as well! ): Sorry dillhole, she is not your kitchen or house bitch to rub your feet or make you sammiches honestly grow the fuck up or let your girl get docked down by someone that respects her for more than being your maidI m going through the something ATM. My partner have 8kids I always taking care of them doing a mother duty when there with us. My partner is lazy, abussesive, I don t have friends anymore, he always blame me if one of his kids hurt them self and I m not watching them when I am in the kitchen making food for them and he just sit and watch TV. He will lies and cheat on me and when I basted him he blame me. I don t know what s wrong with this guy but everyday is always something new just for the sake of argue!

! We walk on eggshells afraid that something we do wrong could trigger something bad in them, if you find a way out let me know, I too am a prisoner. Oh Allen that is horrible. He had no guilt, remorse, compassion, and sympathy. Everything had to revolve around him and his life. He made fun of me, made me feel stupid, sexually harassed me, told me I was crazy all the time, shoved me, and didn t care how I felt. Eventually he broke things off with me claiming I yelled too much. Never once realizing his actions drove me to lash out. I m usually a quiet person but he provoked me to yelling. It took me a couple of months to get him out of my system and now I feel nothing for him. First and foremost this website is awesome. Life After Dating A Pyscho. I love it. Well how about Life After Dating a Pyscho When You Are A Pyscho Yourself? My name is Megan I am 75 years old, been there done that seen my fair share of crazy when I was younger, alcoholic parents are awesome etc etc. Right out of highschool I met him. Was ready to go to college excited for summer to be over with. First love, alot of firsts. Took me two years to wake up. If I had left the fool the first time he laid hands on me I would of had my career by now. Instead I am paying my parents waterbill for them, and am back in they re household which I have not resided in since I was 9. LIFE IS TOO SHORT, YOU DO NOT KNOW YOU ARE BEING BRAINSWASHED UNTIL YOU GET OUT OF THE BATHTUB AND UPGRADE TO A NEW ONE. Agreed. I feel so unwanted and unloved after 7 years of giving up everything and giving him everything. I m sick of doing everything for him when he does nothing for me. He never makes me feel good when I have a bad day. He never de-stresses me when life has got me flustered. If its not about him he doesn t care a bit. I want someone to Care about me.

Love me. Treat me with respect. But how can you get respect when you hate yourself and lost all self-confidence? 🙁Sweety I know its been past a few years I hope you are happy and enjoying your life fifth now! You have to love yourself first, if you looking Gore someone to make you happy it will only leads to disappointed, remember only YOU can make you happy and if you give yourself respect you will find the beautiful in you. I quit my job, I have no friends, I have distanced myself from everyone and everything. Dear Jen, I am in a similar boat. Would leave NOW but after 7 years with him I got boiled like a frog and lost my house and job and savings to the charismatic psycho who has about as much charm now for me as a putrifying POS. I am trapped here. It s like living with the taliban. I am worn out and must leave but HOW? I buy lottery tickets how sad is that? I would be happy to contact you for mutual support. I too am going through the same thing. I m so sick of it, I can t handle the physical and mental abuse anymore. My family loves him knowing what he does, I have no friends anymore and to make it worse moved all the way to Florida with him. I don t know how to get away its so hard. Im in such turmoil with my bf. Iv been with him for almost 9 years. Iv gotten one cheap walmart ring in 9 years. I get no birthday christmas anniversary gifts. Nothing. He would rather smoke weed with his friends all day then to spend quality time with me. And the past year our sex has gone completely down. He blames it on a low sex drive, but refuses to go to the drs. I constantly get called horrible names cunt bitch slut whore dumbass you name it! So one would think why the hell am I still with this verbally abusive prick. I lost my job which ledto no more apt or car. Im stuck living with a family member.

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