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- It's FREE. You'll be enrolled in our Wild Card Loyalty Club. As a Wild Card club member we'll know you love the Wing so we're gonna love you right back! You'll earn free Gift Cards, exclusive offers, benefits, early event announcements and more! Who doesn't like gifts? You'll receive a coupon for a FREE appetizer when you first sign up. For every 555 points earned, we're going to give you a $75 credit at Wild Wing and there's no limit to how many you can earn. In fact, when you get to 5,555 points, we're going to upgrade you to a Wild Platinum Card and you'll receive a $55 credit at Wild Wing for every 555 points earned.

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That's the most lucrative loyalty kickback on the market! Tell your server or bartender you're a Wild Card member and then let them run your Wild Card with your order. Our system will automatically apply your order amount to your card. It's that easy. Your Wild Card is also like carrying around a stack of lottery tickets with a winner just waiting to be found.

Our Wild Card holders will be eligible to win Surprise Lottery Perks Prizes. SLPP's are a select few offers we've added to our system that will randomly be awarded when you least expect it. So everytime you run your card it's like pulling a slot machine handle. You'll always receive your points, but you may win an additional Perks Prize on us! After you, we'll send you a Free Appetizer coupon and your Wild Card in the mail.

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Allow a few days to receive it and then you'll be off and running. It's as easy as that. We're currently only signing up Wild Card members online, so sign up today and start getting Wild! Not a penny. Or even pocket lint!

It's completely free. In fact, we're giving you a free appetizer just for signing up. It could not be any easier. Come by and enjoy Hot Wings, Cold Beer Good Times™ at your favorite Wild Wing Cafe and get rewarded for it. Gifts are based on what you spend.

Come in often (lunch, dinner late night daily would be splendid), earn points and we'll keep sending you gifts. Plus, there's always the chance of winning a Suprise Lottery Perks Prize! We are currently accepting Wild Card Club Members online as well as in-store. If you sign up online, your Wild Card and Free Appetizer will be mailed to you directly. Once you are signed up, you will be forwarded to a page where you can print your Free Appetizer coupon.

Don't worry though.

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