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So, why can't people accept that Linux and open source have won the software wars? Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure's CTO, comes in peace to the Linux and open-source software world. I know way too many Linux users who think of Microsoft as The Evil Empire. People, that was yesterday. Get over it. The cloud is disrupting traditional operating models for IT departments and entire organizations. Today's Microsoft isn't Gates or Ballmer's Microsoft. Today's it supports and has its.

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Heck, Microsoft even has its own, specialized Linux distribution:. To all this, I can hear some die-hard Linux fans screaming that Microsoft still forces Android companies to pay for what's almost certainly invalid Linux-related patents. Yes, yes, it does. Thanks to those Microsoft makes billions from Android. From for nothing except a promise Microsoft won't sue Samsung for patent violations.

Terrible right? Let me ask you a question. If you were making billions from patents, would you open them up? Donate them to the benefit of all via the? I don't think you would.

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And, I know darn well that no CEO of publicly-traded company can even think about giving away billions for the good will of a few programmers. Eventually those patents will expire. When that happens, I don't see Microsoft going down the patent troll road. It's doing very well by embracing Linux, open-source software, and open-source development methods. There are also Microsoft true-believers who can't see Microsoft really giving up Windows and other proprietary programs.

You're right. It's not. Instead. Instead, it'll be upgrading desktop Windows right up to the point where most of you will be running Windows from the cloud where, in turn, your. Even Apple, which is far more proprietary than Microsoft these days, has finally gotten a clue.

Oh, and Apple didn't just open source it, it released a. Now Apple won't go as far as Microsoft has. That's because Apple isn't really a software company. It's a vertically integrated hardware company. Apple doesn't want anything except its own software, or software it has a great deal of control over, running on its gadgets.

So long as people love Apple gear and will pay a premium for it, Apple won't go for open source in a big way. Eventually, the shiny will rub off Apple and it'll need to get on the open-source bandwagon as well.

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