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How to know when you re dating a sociopath

Are you prepared for a data disaster? The book closes with My Personal Backup Strategy, and Backup Q&A, where I answer over two dozen of the best and most interesting questions from my survey on backups. You'll find something valuable in each of the 95+ chapters of Everything You Need to Know About BACKUPS. I talk all the time with people who are worried that their computer will crash, or that they'll get a virus or be hacked. Those are signs of Fear and Worry. I've written my ebook Everything You Need to Know About BACKUPS to help you replace those negative thoughts with Knowledge and Confidence. I want you to make this the year when you can say Even if a data disaster happens, I am prepared and I have a plan to recover. Here's the deal.

I'm offering the latest edition of the BACKUPS ebook at a discounted price, with these SPECIAL BONUSES.

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