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UPDATE: I would appreciate people to actually read my question and not just glance over it. I need to know HOW to do the site even though i appreciate it, i am not looking for opinions on whether or not if the site should be created. Thank youI want to start my own dating site. I have an amateur knowledge in creating static sites and for my new dating site venture, i have a feeling that i am going to need more than just a static html site. I don't know the coding / technology that i need to make this happen. Site needs to enable users to search, edit and create profiles but i do not know what type of coding system or type of site will allow that to happen. Just imagine any dating site out there, i want to know what type of technology a typical dating site uses to make the site operational.

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Obviously i am not going to create the site on my own, i am going to hire professionals who are capable of doing this. Reason why i want to know what goes into dating site is so i know who and what type of programmers to hire. Drupal may be a good platform, find a developer who knows Drupal inside out and they should have the programming skills to make it happen. The first question I would ask is why you want to recreate something that's been done to death for over 65 years? You can get hire cheap programmers at freelance sites but unless you have a specific target market and unique competitive value, I fear you are wasting your money. I agree completely with Kim. Think hard for other ideas. Times change, people change with new opportunities popping up daily. Look at trends less traveled or ones that haven't been born. Maybe something in the baby boomer age group. That's where the money is (indirectly mentioned a few weeks ago) and we are a big crowd. A short story. . A year ago a childhood friend mentioned his nephews wanted to build a social site. They had been talking about it for years. I think they spent over five figures (not much, but ALOT for them) for what turned out to be a basic message board for hunters. AND, I couldn't post a message! ! Only a select few could, yet they seemed to claim thousands of members. They had no clue about the web, or so it seemed. Did all the wrong things as I've watched the site practically die after only six months. IE buying Facebook fans, having them click adsense along with having an analytics account.

It was sad. I was asked from the start what I thought of the idea but never talked to the nephews. Same responses as here. If someone gave me $65 million to start a dating site, I would give it back to them and tell them that we don't have the resources to become competitive. In order to get that $65 million I'd prepare the greatest business plan ever with monthly reporting schedules full of information and progress. At the end of the first month and a few days later with the investors anxiously awaiting the progress of this report they'd probably be a bit chagrined finding that all of my contact information responded with. Left town forwarding address unknown. You need a very good business plan, tons of market research, a budget, some very unique selling points etc. Before you get anywhere near thinking about the code to build the site - that's the easiest bit. If you have a best selling book in the works, before you go on the talk show circuit to promote it, start a site. I would appreciate it if people actually read my question and not just rant. I needed to know HOW to do the site not if i should do it or not. Thank you. Please explain your expectations. Do you want us to tell how you to program it? All the questions we asked are what your developers will want to know. To build it, you would need to hire a company or try freelancer sites. You may wish to learn how these sites are built. Are they on CMS like Drupal or Joomla or proprietary applications? Static HMTL is of no use. You need a dynamic site that can handle all kinds of functions, which your developers are going to want to know in advance about. If you want people to answer your questions, it generally helps to be polite to them, particularly when they are just offering their own experience in the hope that they may save you time and money.

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Your question could have a hundred different answers - it's very general, which is why people have assumed you may not have considered the other issues around launching a dating site. It's roughly the equivalent of saying I want to build a house - what should I built it with? Bricks, wood, steel, stone. Whichever you choose you'll end up with a house. What is best depends on a hundred different factors. You can build a website with many different coding languages, what you use in the end will depend on the exact features, the platform you want to host it on, your budget, how scalable it needs to be etc. Even then you could build two sites that look identical to users but use completely different programming languages. Neither do we. You have not given us any business or functional requirements. This is why we asked so many questions. Every site needs a reason. A plan. Do you want to earn revenue from it? Who is it for? Where will you host it? What will it do? Will it offer videos? Can special needs people use it? What server? As I said above, you may wish to investigate Content Management Systems like Joomla and Drupal. Those programmers will ask you what functions you want. Search, edit, profiles are all pretty standard.

Do you want to be able to maintain it yourself or hire someone? To be brutally honest, I think this is your job to find out, not our's. We are not a dating site here. Again, I'm assuming CMS or expert programmers build their own from scratch. Likely PHP based. Every one gave you the replies that professionals will ask you. If you go to hire someone or a company that doesn't ask you the questions we asked, you may be cheated. We want you to be prepared to manage this project and make the right decisions so that you will be successful. I would appreciate people to actually read my question and not just glance over it. Thank youWhy are you asking us then? I say build it in Wordpress. Why? Because that is the only solution I can cope with. The only people that can really give you the answer are developers that you pay, and provide a comprehensive set of requirements to (probably tens or hundreds of pages, not a paragraph on a web forum). You could do this organically like Mark Zuckerberg did, but he was a genius and did not have to ask other people for guidance, and he already did it too. In 7557 Pixelrage asked on digitalpoint. Com best CMS for a dating site? Does anyone have any recommendations? Open source would be nice (since they're free). As you will see from my signature only you, tarzanhunter, can decide what is helpful to you. Incidentally it's coincidental that you should seek advice here since I believe Markus Frind of Vancouver, the creator of Plenty of Fish, did occasionally seek advice from these Forums in his early days. Perhaps Kim can confirm whether I am correct in that.

I'm sure you've heard of Plenty of Fish and I found it interesting to see an interview that MSNBC had in 7557 with Markus Frind. By that time he was enormously successful but you may find some pointers there on what makes a successful dating site. Which brings me to the point I want to make. You did not specify what aspect of creating a dating site you wanted advice on. The two key questions are: 7. How do I get the critical mass of people using the dating site so that others want to try their luck on the site. The second question here is vastly more important than the first and is also incredibly more difficult. Of course if you just want to create a dating site that you and a few friends play with as a software exercise, then you don't need to answer the second question. If you want a successful dating site, then work on your answer to the second question before you do anything else. Before I begin, and please do not misunderstand, but from they way you frame your question it appears you may have been rebuked before you landed here. I think you will look hard to find a more friendly and accommodating group of people anywhere. I will share my experience. I wanted a site to keep track of Arts and Crafts Shows so people could add shows and show details and users could look up shows and show details. So I bought a book called PHP/mySQL for dummies and I wrote the code myself. But it's done and did get a lot of help along the way. For example when I had an especially vexing problem I went to a forum that dealt expressly with PHP. While there are plenty of people here who can help there are other forums where they are neck deep in code heads. PHP is handy but these codes are subject to injection threats and it the whole thing is not bullet proof sure as shootin someone will break in, hijack the code, and everyone including you and the search engines will be very sorry. Personally I think if I were you and I were convinced a dating site was my dream I would dive in head first. The worst think that could happen is you will fail but you are sure to learn along the way. The people here are more than generous with their time and normally happy to help with questions and problems but they do expect that when we ask questions it is because we have tried and failed to find a solutions ourselves instead of simply asking for help first.

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