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There are certainly quite a few different pranks that revolve around the necessity of knowing  how to make fake semen. We actually found a few different ways to go about producing your own looking, smelling, and feeling type for your own personal use. Some of these can be used as lubricants, others just for show, while another might even be slightly edible if you use the right type of egg and can handle the taste. Read on to learn 8 different ways to get the desired outcome what you want, and decide what is perfect for your scenario. In the Porn Industry, they need to have a product that can be used that does not contribute to things such as yeast infection. They need something without sugar and is neutral to the inside of a woman s nether regions. So to help fulfill certain fetishes, they use a product known as. This stuff is actually used in the regular film industry as well, because of it s gel like consistency.

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If you ve ever seen the movie ghost busters, then you know that this is the green gunk that covered all the actors in a few scenes. This particular variety, F55, is the perfect type to make fake cum with. It s a culinary essential but I personally wouldn t eat it. Some types of fetishes need bucket loads of this stuff, and the directors and experts have turned to this stuff to fulfill their needs. If it works for them, it should work for you as well! Not interested in buying the porn industries favorite look-a-like and mixing it yourself? Want something easy, ready to use, and you can use as a lubricant as well? Great- you re in luck! You can purchase what is known as from stores online, which has the look and feel of semen, but at the same time is safe for use in other activities. You can get a small size to just test it out, or opt for the bucket load which truly is a bucket full of this gunk. It s enough to stop anyone in their tracks and say WOW! Or to pour all over the place and record the looks on people s faces as they have to clean it up, or make their way through it. We know what you re really here for though. You ll need to gather an egg, plain yogurt, water, cornstarch, and just a pinch of salt. Follow these directions, and you ll have something that you may eat and have the look and consistency of the real thing. It is a little bit more difficult than actually making the real thing or using any of the above, but it s definitely worth it. 6 egg and just the egg whites need. This nifty can do the trick for you as well. However you choose to measure it, you ll only need about 6 cups worth of water. 6/9 mixed initially with the cornstarch, while the rest goes in the pan. Just a pinch for flavor. Don t necessarily have to add this, only if you want to make the real thing so to speak. What you ll want to do is take about a 6/9 cup of that water and mix it with your corn starch to allow it to slightly dissolve. Take the remaining 8/9 cup of water and put it on simmer on the stovetop in a pan. Combine the stirred cornstarch and water into the pan, whisking them together.

It will quickly mix together and become very thick. Once it is, remove it from the burner and allow it to cool to room temperature. If you wish to speed up the process, you can create an ice bath to place the pan on or stick it in a fridge to cool down. You ll want to do this prior to adding the egg white, because if it is still hot you risk cooking the egg instead of incorporating it. Take the egg white and yogurt and mix them with the cornstarch and water mixture. During this time, you can add a pinch of salt to get it to the desired taste. Set your mixture aside until ready to use! This will keep for about a day or so, depending on how quickly you can stick it in the fridge. Do not leave it out, since the egg whites and yogurt can easily spoil in room temperature. Or maybe leave it out, if you want to use this stuff for a sickly revenge prank. Ah, now it s done and you want to use it? You or your lover may fulfill a fantasy with this substance. . Or you can stick it in a condom and send it in the mail to an unsuspecting victim. While sending ACTUAL sperm may not be allowed, sending this look alike substance in a package is. It can be thrown on beds, door knobs, and car handles. You can squirt it on people, or have a bit in your hand as you go to shake someone else. Have an ex think you re cheating on HIM, and get petty revenge by having fake cum all over your shared bed. Just on his side of the sheets. All this is really gross, and we hope that you wouldn t do anything like this. Our informational article is just for that and we are not held responsible for what you do. We hope you have fun however, and let us know in the comments what you choose to use it for. Happy pranking! No, there are no Semen in it so it is impossible getting someone pregnant. If you put in semen, then someone will get pregnant.

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While true there is no semen in it Putting semen in it would not get someone pregnant since semen does not always contain sperm. And sperm are what fertilizes an egg. Besides What are the chances sperm would survive being mixed into a fake cumshot anyhow. Jesus. I commend you Damian for even responding. If you can t figure out that putting something that isn t semen into a fucking slit cunt, that may or may not make a baby you need not apply to Mensa. Some people are so fucking stupid. Human beings aren t designed to be that fucking stupid, why are you lot? Really annoys me. Use your fucking brainWe are looking at how to make fake nut, this is the pinnacle of human innovationWell, just before this info in google there is an article where scientists have made artificial seen have injected it into nice. The mice got pregnant. They also injected it into an unfertilized egg it developed a chick. But this shit wouldntYou have to be carful about that. It won t get the woman pregnant, but it can ferliize the egg and then the cum turnes brown. Well. Ok, that s not true. Fake cum creates fake babies. They are computerized and they run on farts. Did you ride the slow bus to school? You can t get pregnant from this any more than you could from a jar KY jelly. You really don t know shit about human biology, do you? Maybe you should refrain from having sex. On second thought, do not have sex. We really don t need or want your genetics in the pool. ThanksThe best lube available anywhere are the fake-cum lubes created by various Japanese manufacturers.

Home to both the leading manufacturers and number of users of male sex toys in the world, Japan is on another level. Bit late response but you can use bottles of pure eggwhite as those have been processes to make em available for raw eating. Restaurants (should) use them to make merengue for example (like this: ). If you use that, its all safe. When u are making merengue, u can use raw egg yolk directly from the egg u don´t have to buy a can of pure egg yolks. The reason why restaurants have it. Because it saves alot of time by just poring yolks in a bowl instead of breaking eggs and seperating the egg and the yolk. The one that you make with the eggs? I wouldn t inject that into a vagina. Use the FDA approved stuff first. I want to fill my ass with this for lube and have someone fist it out of me. Then I want to spit what s left from my ass and eat it. I personally use this on my lonely nights. I get really freaky fetishes when watching certain movies. Which I m not giving details about bc I m a fairly private person. Some call me standoffish. Anyways. Not to get all weird and it s doesn t go any further than what I m about to suggest. Buuut I will say, most dogs will clean up any after messes. Not in like a gross way or anything people. Just a helpful worrd of advice. Not harmful to pets and always gets cleaned up fairly quick. I recommend 655%. It has been done that a mixture like this one is fed into an emptied bladder through a catheter.

You can then piss it out in spurts in a very realistic cum sequence. Plz invite me over for chow ANYTIME! ! I do the same thing and I love it. For an anal lube I like to use plain unflavored yogurt with a good amount of lube such as astroglide to it and then add some water to consistancy you like It feels and works great for meYou all are putting to much thought into it. ASTROGLIDE AND EITHER FLOUR OR CONDENSED MILK AND A LITTLE SALT MAKES THE BEST FAKE STUFF I HAVE EVER SEEN. AND YOU CAN GET IT ALL AT WALLYWORLD. How am i able to make it into black cum. My wife is African-American so i want to give her something special that reminds her of home. I always feel guilty when I cum in her and its white. I know she misses the black semen from her African-American partners. Really? ? Are We, as a society so unwell to fabricate artificial sperm as a prank or as a lubricant to fuck each other with? What about us poor suckers who are unable to produce real spunk? Why can t some sex fiend take the time to invent a cure for Terrets or something? If i am planning to swallow fake semen I make it with plain (unflavored) kefir mixed about 8 parts to 6 with coconut water this looks a lot like semen and tastes very similar. If you aren t after an authentic taste you can make it the same way using a flavored kefir (i. E. Great for fake bukkake scenes and photo sessions where you need something that looks like cum. Spunk Lube looks good and makes a good lube but it doesn t taste anything like the real deal. It would be a preferred option if the fake semen is going to be used in the vagina or anusI made a small amount but messed it up, and decided to used only egg whites for anal masturbation. Would it be safe to inject? Next time my wife leaves town for the evening, I m DEFINITELY going to make a batch of this cum. I am going to stuff my ass with one of her big black dildos and imagine that I am getting used by a room full of hung black men.

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