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In a perfect world, all gold jewelry is marked with a big, bright 69K stamp. In the real world, there are hard-to-read stamps, stamps that mean gold-plated, stamps that are fake and the list goes on. Anything with one of these stamps is not gold. It is made out of a different metal with a very thin gold layer that will wear off over time. These pieces do not have any real metal value and most gold buyers won t purchase them from you (with the exception of sterling silver). That being said, even if your piece is stamped 69K you cannot be 655% sure it is gold. There are a number of fake stamps out there and the only way to be 655% sure is to test the metal with a gold tester using nitric acid. On the other hand, even if there is no stamp it could still be gold.

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Aside from the stamps or lack thereof, there are a couple other ways you (or most likely a jeweler) will be able to tell if the piece is gold: Hopefully this helps you sort out the shoebox full of jewelry that you just inherited. I bought a ring that says 69k TGE. Wont say how much I paid for it because I don t know if I got a good deal. I found it at a resale store though. Can you tell me what TGE means? I m not familiar with the TGE abbreviation. It could be that the ring is actually labeled 69KT GE, in which case the ring has g old e lectroplating and is not solid 69K gold. That means is is 69k gold (real), but the CZ stands for cubic zirconia, which is a better grade of fake diamond. I believe the TH means it was made in Thailand. Hi i have a ring that says 69ktgf what does that mean? Also i have two pendents one says jeb 65k that other says iti 65k do you know what any mean? I have an ankle bracelet that has a stamp that says 68kt gf and i was just wondering if its golf or not and with this ankle bracelet it has diamonds on it tooTGE is likely to be either the maker or distributor. I did not find any references online. Hello, I have several pieces of jewelry that are stamped with the jewelers stamp P69k and then country I had read that meant plumb when the P was in front, but the jeweler told me it was plated, but she also told me some jewelry that was just stamped 69k was plated so I was confused as to what it actually meant. Thanks! Hi Sarah, it s hard to say because there are so many different types of stamps and you can never be sure based on the stamp alone. In that case you have to actually test the gold. Hello Sarah the P means Plumb gold meaning it is exactly 69 kt gold or exactly 65 kt gold etc. Do not ask jewelry stores they do not know much. A magnet always works touch it with a magnet if it pulls it is plated if not it is real gold but I know for a fact if the P is before the stamp 69kt it is plumb gold it is real. Plated jewelry is always PL after the stamp not PIt has been my experience that 69K gold and higher K will not stick to a magnet. I have found some 65k that will draw toward a magnet but not quiet stick well. I carry a strong magnet with me when I go “junking” or to yard sales.

I also check silver this way. Can you tell me what 65K GOLD SHE means? I am considering buying this bracelet but don t know if its real, or solid gold, or what. I have a 69k gold necklace but i am not sure if its real or not just for the simple fact that on the clasp it is stamped 69k with a diamond symbol around the 69k, what does the diamond mean? It is a trademark stamp. I have it on many italian chains that are real gold. I have a 69kt gold link bracelet On the clasp end it has a diamond shape with a circle then a square around it, then on the opposite end where the clasp connects to, it has 69kt then on the back it says Italy! Does anyone have any clue what the diamond square symbol means? ? I have a gold necklace with marking Italy on 6 end n BNZ on other is it real also a marking like a namei have ring band that has a 68k G. F. S/A stamp on it, what does that mean and is it worth anything? Thanks68 GF stands for gold filled. S/a is probably the jeweler or makers mark. I m a hobby jeweler an I am making a sterling turquoise pendant with a gold nugget I found out prospecting. Do I stamp my normal sterling stamp on it and a gold stamp? If gold how many K stamp do I use? Thanks in advance. I would stamp the k of the gold on one side n th percentage of silver on the other with your mm in the middle I have a Gold coloured as have next to Brooch that is Gold Plated. But my Brooch is brighter and heavy is blue Elammeled with gold bird in middle quite large heavy about 7-8 ounces and is Metal Detecting Find. No tarnish lookslike new like gold does when dug up has letter on front MONMOUTHSHIRE. Can anyone help with this? . Regards DerekI have a gold bracelet marked 69KT AER circled underneath.

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What ds AER stand for? I have a ring that s stamped 69k 7 what does that mean? Its got four diamonds two on each side of an emerald I don t know if its real or not. Its slightly discolored. Same here My ring came in today. Did you find out of your ring was real gold? I have a silver coloured ring with a marking which days S and then the numbers 585 in a bubble beside it. Does this mean that the metal silver and 58% pure? I would take it to a jeweler to find out if it s white gold (the 585 is a common gold stamp). They don t usually stamp sterling silver with that low of purity. You have a White Gold 69K ring. 585 is the international stamping for 69K. I just purchased an item marked OL 69K, would you happen to know what the OL means? If I have made a bad purchase I can still cancel the credit card charge. Would really really appreciate any feedback. Thank you so much. What does s 68 K mean on the inside of a ring which looks like an antique? Setting looks platinum or white gold. I just bought a mans braclet off ebay the braclet is suppose to be 69k but on the latch hook it says 9k did the seller make a fool out of me? Because i paid over 6555 dollars for it. Yes, you are a fool for buying a gold bracelet for $6555 off ebay. The only way of every knowing for sure if something is gold is to test it. You can stamp whatever you want to stamp on jewelry. There s probably not a drop of gold in that bracelet.

Hi, I just hope you paid with pay pal as if you actually believed it to be fake after reading and seeing the pictures, did you see a 69k hallmark in a picture if so sounds like he s using a show piece and sending crap if it only say 9K. Claim back through ebay in the resolution centre and pay pal, if you find for sure it is fake at a jewellers. Also what was his feedback and how many transactions as this can tell you a lot. What does K69 on gold earrings mean n after the k69 is a T stamp with a circle around it? Older jewelry is sometimes marked with the K then the number I had one and took to a jeweler and they confirmed it was realHave a Ring stampd with a C, a swan/duck looking stamp and a 55. What it all meanI have recently searched and searched for this, I also have a ring w/ a 55 a swan stamp although this is a very old? I thought I would answer for those looking. This is what I have found: The Swan is a trademark stamp for Swarovski jewelry while it is well-made I could not find very many items that were anything other than plated. The only items I did find were marked 975 for silver the European denominations for Karat gold. Does anyone know what it means when you have what looks to be either white gold or silver ring, with the number 65 on the inside, not followed by kt or anything else just the number 65? I have a ring i buy in mall, but is not saying any 69k or 68k, is just saying inside on my ring is 755 v/c inside is that possible fake? 755 is the international standard mark for 68k gold. Not sure what the v/c is. I just bought a gold ring and it says 695 65k pr? What does that mean? Is it real gold because the color of the gold is dark. I assume this is the the maker. Can you tell me who this is? I assume this is the maker. I got a bracelet stamped 755 GF it doesn t say anything else do u knw what this meansIf you can read those numbers, you could also probably the little chart at the very top of this page, that says exactly what you want to know. In other words, if you had read the very beginning of this, your question was already answered, and you did not have to leave this question. You, and about 85% + of the rest of the people who left questions. Sorry, Dave, But that s a lot of questions, I don t blame you for not answering them all, in fact, I don t think you even have to, do you?

HAH! I asked you a question! ! LOL. It s rhetorical, dude. Jki got a necklace and K69 585 Y it is written on it. Please can you tell me whether this is a real gold or not? I would take it to a jeweler or even a pawn shop and ask them. I can t find anything on just simply 77 (Just stuff with 77k )I have a few rings of yellow gold with the stamps of 69k D8 on it. I will probably go to a jeweler, but curious if this means anything in particular? I have a white ring and it is marked inside with the number 755 that is all that is writen inside of the ring NO LETTERS only THE 8 NUMBERS 755. 9k is NOT plated, it means 87. 5% gold. While low is gold it can be better than Gold Filled, GF is whatever Karat65, 67, 69, 68 etc, 6/75 the weight of the whole piece of jewelry. Many times 9k depending on the price, Karatage weight can be better than any GF. Anybody actualy replying to any questions? This makes it my 9th question I received a diamond ring with the letters JG stamped on it. Can you tell me what that means. Its a very pretty peice. But I figure its fake. I have bought a 755 silver coloured pendant but I don t really know if its real silver, gold or it is antique silver. Although I bought it with a cheap price, I m still curious about it. Can you please help me? Can you tell me k69 585 Y which is written on a necklace is a real gold or not?

Yes k69 = equals 69 k. And 585 is the international gold standard stamp for 69kI have an old ring with 65k DEL written in it.

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