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Every cold and flu season many children come down with a head cold that results in a cough. Coughing can be uncomfortable and downright irritating if it’s strong and persistent or keeping everyone up at night. Since I originally wrote this post in 7568, I ve updated it adding even more tools to help you with your child s cough. So, now we have not just seven, but eight ways to calm your child s cough naturally. Many articles on treating kid s cough naturally focus on things you probably already know like stay hydrated, use a humidifier, cough drops and lemon-honey tea, etc, etc. However, what you ll find in this blog post are the BEST Chinese medicine and other natural remedies cough that are safe, effective and easily to administer to children. And you won t find them anywhere else! When it comes to the ordinary, annoying cough, Western medicine doesn t really have any great solutions that are both safe and effective.

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Yet, hearing your child cough night after night can be enough to tempt you to give them over-the-counter cough medicine. Most cough and cold medicines contain dextromethorphan (DXM) which can be harmful and even fatal in about 5% 65% of children who can’t properly metabolize it. But, you don t have to use it because there are much better options for treating your child s cough naturally! It s important to understand that treating your child s cough naturally is not a one-and-done. Instead, it s about combining the right remedies that will work for your child according to their age and the type of cough they have.

For best results, it s important to combine remedies, use them consistently, and have patience with the process. In Chinese medicine, we use ancient massage and acupressure techniques to treat cough not matter what type it is: wet, dry, hacking or croupy. This special massage for kids is called tuina (pronounced too-ee-nah) and works by stimulating the body to heal itself. There are 6 main massage and acupressure techniques that can stop cough while also boosting the immune system.

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It only takes minutes to do, yet it can make a HUGE difference to speed recovery. One powerful technique for  treating cough is a tuina massage called a spinal roll. The spinal roll is great for treating cough and chest congestion when focused on the upper back. This massage works well on its own and I would recommend you do it two or three times daily. However, you can strengthen its effect when you can combine with the other five massage techniques.

On it s own, the spinal roll is a very versatile massage. It can be used as part of a massage routine to treat many different problems including cough, asthma, digestive issues, sleep problems, anxiety, and bedwetting. You can strengthen the effects of the spinal roll by combining it with other massage techniques and for each specific condition. Parents can do the massage on their children at home and no special training is required to get excellent results. Its safe, effective and can be used at any age.

The best part is, kids love it, it feels great and it makes them feel better. Similar to reflexology, ear acupressure, or auriculotherapy, is a microsystem of healing that is found on the ear. It has been used for thousands of years. According to Chinese medicine, applying pressure to specific points on the ear has a healing effect on the body. You can apply pressure with an ear probe or a clean rounded toothpick to have the desired effect.

Alternately, an easier way to use ear acupressure is with ear seeds.

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