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At the bottom of the page are my completed Grid and Schedule as well as a few additional resources. In Step 7: Plan, you will define your current roles as well as create basic life skills for each. Download   now. Also in Step 7: Plan, you will identify daily or weekly activities to accomplish for each of your roles. Download the   worksheet now. In Step 8:

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Place, you will categorize each of the activities you listed in Part 7 by determining whether they are negotiable or nonnegotiable and fixed or flexible. In Step 9: Plot, you will create your weekly schedule, incorporating the most important things in your life, ensuring the priorities don t fall through the cracks. Download the blank  worksheet now. (Please note:

This download is not editable but meant to be printed out and completed. I actually find that pencil and paper work splendidly for this, as you can erase and rearrange your blocks as needed. )Here are my completed worksheets from the ebook if you d like to take a closer look: I wade through the internet and find the good stuff. So you don t have to.

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It s free. What if you could change your life in 85 pages? And for less than the price of a fancy coffee? Is an ebook outlining my own straightforward, step-by-step approach to controlling your schedule and making sure the important things don t fall through the cracks. It s short and to the point.

No fluff or filler. Time management books should be short, don t you think? Seriously! It s been years since life has felt so peaceful! ~Crystal Paine, MoneySavingMom.

ComAccomplish not only what s on your to-do list today, but what s on your to-do list for life. Why not give it a shot? It s a quick and easy read with a potentially life-changing payoff! Did you already read Tell Your Time? Are you looking for the printable Tools I mention throughout the book?

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