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Text him! The act of flirting has been a crucial part of the dating game for ages. The evolution from fleeting glances to roses to unsigned gifts has now reached the modern stage of text messages. Text messages and social media have made communication a lot easier and fun. Flirt texting also gives you the opportunity to think properly before responding. So, if you’re the shy type flirt texting is perfect for YOU. Flirting with a guy through texts could be a lot of fun especially when you know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you should do it. Waiting for him to text first could be a little frustrating.

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Remember to keep the text short and straightforward. A casual text message is just fine, but you could spice it up a bit by sending a funny text. Flirt texting should not be in tones that are too serious. You don’t want to scare him away. Smileys and emoticons are flirty and fun while texting.

In fact, sometimes a wink and a pleasant greeting are all you need to begin the flirt texting. For example, “ Hi Adam 😉 ”Don’t be scared to personalize your texts when flirting. Starting a conversation with his name is usually very sweet, and it makes texting feel more intimate between you two. Also, try to bring up moments that involve the both of you. For example, “ I’m listening to your favorite band ”.

The Best Way to Text Message Someone You Like wikiHow

Memories from a previous date or the day you met could help start a great conversation. Avoid texts like “ Hey you ” or “ What’s up ”. When he finally responds to your text try not to reply too early. You do not want to seem too eager to talk to him. A little delay prior to your response will give you time to think carefully about your answer to his text and also keep him expectant.

Yes! Guys love compliments from girls. If he has paid you a compliment in the past, it will be sweet of you to return the favor. But do not shower him in praises you don’t want to seem insecure. Just be nice.

Guys will always remember girls that made them laugh. If you can put a smile on his face, he will develop a soft spot for you. You don’t need to be too funny, but a. He will appreciate your effort, and this will keep him entertained. Teasing creates a platform for intimacy without being too “ naughty ”.

Teasing him while you flirt will help build tension between both of you. A little tease in your flirty text messages will keep him thinking of good comebacks to send to you all the time.

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