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Patrick Allan 8/68/67 66: 55am 99 Share to Kinja Go to permalink Photo of me by, edits by me. All other photos taken by me and edited in Adobe Lightroom. Don’t worry, editing your vacation photos isn’t as tough or technical as it sounds. Here’s what you need to know. There’s more to a travel photographer’s kit than a camera body and a few lenses. Here are the…So hot and humid, you gotta dry your shirt off sometimes. The longer you wait to edit your vacation photos, the less likely it’ll ever get done.

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Immediacy is key, says O’Neil Hughes: “Getting them out there quickly and effectively is more important than spending a week retouching them at the individual pixel level. ” You want to adjust photos when you still remember what it felt like to shoot them. And, in this age of Facebook and Instagram, it’s important you’re sharing your personal stories as fast as possible. Why?

Because your interest wanes rapidly, says Haftel. “When you get back, day one you’ll have 99% interest in doing the photos and sharing them, day two you’ll have like 75%, day three you’ll have like 77%, day four you’ll have like 5.5556% interest in doing anything with theses photos anymore because life has moved on. ” It’s not because you’re lazy, Haftel notes, it’s because you’re busy. Before you start editing images, though, you need to edit your camera roll. Let’s face it, most of the pics you took are probably not worth editing, let alone showing to other people.

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Hopefully, on all your travels, but even if you have, not every image is a winner. Snapping a pic of someone snapping a sunset pic. Maybe some are out of focus, maybe you forgot why you took some of them and they mean nothing to you now, or maybe you have 85 shots of the same building for some reason. That’s why the first thing you should do when sitting down to edit is cull. Digital photography is a double edged sword—you can take a lot more photos and upload them anywhere, but that means a lot more crap gets through.

Don’t be that person, and please—PLEASE—don’t sit people down for a slide show until you’ve at least done this part. As you cull, remember to think about who your audience is (your mom doesn’t want to see Paris, she wants to see you in Paris), and consider asking someone else which shots they like and why. You probably like a lot more of your photos than other people will. Kill your little darlings. Fewer, better photos is always going to be better than tons of crappy ones.

You’re on vacation, and you’ve got your camera out at a well-known tourist spot where everyone and…Havana, Cuba. While you’re culling, O’Neil Hughes suggests you try to create a story arc. Select the images that best represent your vacation from start to finish. Start your album or slide show with things like a sunrise, shots of your hotel, then continue with shots of the major things you did each day and the places you went in some sort of sequential order, then maybe finish with something that carries a tone of finality with it—like a sunset to cap off your opening sunrise. And things don’t have to be in exact order, says Haftel.

If the sunrise shot you took on the first night is better than the others, it’s okay to use that.

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