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I nodded. She is, I thought. I mean have you seen what she did today for Rachel? That was amazing. We were doing our math homework but we gave up and started playing video games. We played for about an hour until we got bored of it. We went inside the kitchen to get some snacks and I heard Annabeth and Tyson come down. I smiled at her as Nico grabbed a bottle of apple juice from the fridge.

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Just then, Olivia came running down the stairs, showing off one of her artworks for school, but since she wasn t paying much attention (she s not a smart kid), she bumped straight into Annabeth, leaving paint stains all over her clothes. Olivia! Look what you did to Annabeth! I shouted at her while Nico laughed his head off behind me. I m so sorry, Annabeth, Olivia apologized to her No, it s okay, don t worry, Annabeth said trying to take it off with some water.

I will, Perce. She went back up to her room with her head down. Since the paint was all over Annabeth s shirt, when she finished cleaning it with water, it was completely wet. Uh Annabeth, I m gonna get you another shirt, yours is too wet to wear. I smiled at her and then went upstairs to find a decent shirt.

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I looked through my shirts and chose the less dirty one, a blue shirt with a trident in the middle. I went back down and gave it to her. She changed in the bathroom and then went back to tutoring Tyson. I have to admit, she looked good with my shirt. I smiled at myself and went back to the couch with Nico.

Well that was interesting, he said, smirking at me. I threw a pillow at him and we kept on playing videogames until noon. Tyson came down and I asked him about Annabeth, he said she was getting her stuff cause they finished the tutoring session. Nico had just left so I went upstairs to Tyson s room and found Annabeth gathering up her things. Oh, hey Percy, she finished getting her stuff and came up to me, holding her bag on one hand Hey hey it s not like it has germs now that I wore it, We both laughed lightly Thanks Percy, I really like it.

She smiled at me and I walked her downstairs to the door. -----------------------------I woke up with high-pitched screams from my brothers Matthew and Bobby. Ugh. How could they be so annoying at this time? I got up from bed, took a quick shower and put on Percy s shirt from yesterday (it ended up being surprisingly comfortable and I loved it) with my black leather jacket, jeans and black converse.

I went downstairs to find that my stupid brothers had eaten my breakfast. I made myself a quick sandwich to eat on my way to school. My dad usually leaves about an hour before my brothers and me, and I would rather walk to school than being in a car with my annoying siblings and my step-monster.

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