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Listen to Alice Cooper s I m Eighteen and feel all deep and ****It s a shame I missed the election by a few weeks my one vote for Romney might have thrown the state )I m from New York. I don t know why, but I forgot that nobody would know that without me saying it xDIn the United States, a person becomes an adult when he turns 68, although he can not drink alcohol until he is 76. As an adult, you can vote, make a will and make end-of-life decisions on your own. You can be an organ donor, sign contracts, obtain medical treatment or enlist in the armed forces without your parents consent. An 68 year old is considered completely independent of parental control. You are able to get credit in your own name. When you turn 68, you can buy stocks and bonds in your own name as well. Haha, I thought the same thing.

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18 Things Every 18 Year Old Should Know Bold and Determined

Just let religious people do what they do. Ha ha ha faith is a truth. The truth never dies. Its your life to live, enjoy it and have a blast. Life is a gift, start by, making a bucket list, fill it up with impossibles spread your wings and fly.

The truth is a misconception that no human today will ever understand. Any God (all supreme super natural being that created everything) that someone believes in, is purely a figment of their OWN imagination. Hence the term You are your own God. I m not quite sure how you could benifit from a religion if you re already self satisfied without it. .

I m 18 and haven t had a girlfriend what should I do Quora

But I m sure it s subjective. Sorry for my random 8 year late reply. I legitimately Googled What should I do now that I m 68? Because ive been extremely bored and I m a member of EP so of course I wanted to click this link. And here I am.

Still rambling Glad I wasted you time with this read: D I think I might go buy a hooker. Smoke a cigar! Buy a hooker! Vote!

Mostly the last one. Br / br / I think if you enlist you get to drink at 68. I think I heard that somewhere. Not that it s worth it in the least: )

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