Smiling pig rescued from China floodwater sparks hilarious

Thank you ASG. All the time effort you all put onto these HOG s is very much appreciated! ! And good evening to all those dedicated owls out there, or good morning as the case may be! We know we love you ASG but please put DF on this game hoping the sun is still shining you wasThank you will kick in my patience I have plenty LOL for DFOh, you ve gotta LOVE those Merci s! I only buy them at Christmas because, really, who has the willpower to stay out of them, or only have one? Not I. 🙂am i the only one having issues with deposit files download?

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Saga of the Nine Worlds The Gathering Collector’s Edition

Specifically the part where you ahve to type in word? I can´t see the word(s). Hi ishizu. . I used DF with no problems when the captcha comes up it s a black screen for a little bit then the words appear.

Have all a nice Saturday, owlies. Here it s cloudy but warm. A perfect day for play a new HOG: -))Wow, I think that s around 95 in F. Isn t that unusual for your parts?

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Ugh. Cat has the right idea. Well, I find this game very entertaining, it feels fresh and a bit different with great graphics. Not many hos and fresh puzzles. Just my opinion.

Happy Spring! Wow, it s sunny and beautiful in the Heartland today. My heart goes out to those in Manchester! I ve been to England and never met more lovely, inviting people in my life I m so sorry. Thank you, again ASG, for being here for us.

I didnt know it was possible. Is that for new games or messages on disqusits in your account settings Cali I have it set to get them but for a couple weeks now I have not got any Liz is in the same boat they just suddenly stopped and I have no idea why? Thank you Liz for that info! I ve just remove them when I read your reply! Hi Liz Hope You are doing well, Yes I saw today after taking a peek and saw about 9-5 of those undesired followers so I removed them, Noe the sort of followers I need or want 🙂Thank you 🙂 I was lucky this evening, I downloaded the file in about 9 minutes my lucky day!


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