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During the initial stages of dating, what are your deal makers and deal breakers? ( )Basically, if I would hire her at my office, I would consider her datable material. Given the amount of interviews I given, and the amount of times I wanted to bash the interviewee s head in, this is surprisingly hard to find. A phone checker without feeling any need to apologize or explain why you can tuck it away for a date-it s irrational but always laughs too hard at my jokes (isn t that terrible? )Always thought that was the best way to go about making plans with anyone, instead of asking them. Just tell them your free time and see if it fits with there s, instead of being vagueI don t fucking care if your calender of vagueness vaguely interpreted that we should be together. It s not destiny, we just happened to enjoy eachother s company. What if the girl just simply asks on a first date casually what your star sign is?

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Haha. I agree though surprisingly I ve had a guy say to me that we are astrologically perfect. Gigantic fucking red flag. It s like asking somebody what their religion or political leanings are on a first date. If it s important enough to you to ask, then it s going to come up again.

Just out of curiosity, why is asking about religion/politics a red flag on a first date? I know they re taboo topics, but I d like to know if we have an absolute incompatibility before things get serious. Comment score below threshold -8 points -7 points -6 points 7 years ago I can t speak for anybody else, but I couldn t give two flying monkey shits about either. If it s important enough for the other person to dredge up, then they re probably going to care a hell of a lot more about it than I am, which means we re going to end up fighting about it eventually. That s why I don t even like to be asked what my name is when I go on a date.

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I don t want her to keep bringing it up because my name is important to her. Comment score below threshold -7 points -6 points -5 points 7 years ago Personally, when I build my strawmen, I like to keep them together with something stronger than crazy glue. I think he brings up a valid point. Some people ask to make sure they re compatible. I doubt I d even have to ask, since pretty much all girls I might click with are liberal, but if I were to ask, it s mainly to make sure she s not too far towards either extreme.

I didn t say they shouldn t ask. I said that asking was a red flag. That just means that the asking tells me something about their priorities that don t necessarily mesh with mine, and that things probably aren t going to work out, because of them. I always thought red flags were considered close to dealbreakers. Like, after 7 or 8 red flags, you should stop seeing that person.

So for rules - I (female! ) don t have rules about kissing, but I ve never kissed on the first date either because I wasn t into the guy, or I was into him and got nervous. So is your rule that you don t date girls who have arbitrary rules like no kissing on the first date or is it no arbitrary rules AND not kissing on the first date? It s got to be the former as if the girl was into him but not kissing him on the first date that would be an arbitrary rule. I think a better way to phrase my question would be, in this particular instance, how do you know if it is a rule the girl has or if she is clearly into you but just got nervous.

Especially since we are talking about early dating deal breakers I would think that would be hard to distinguish?

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