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Back when I co-work Swirling, we created a list of interracial-friendly cities and states, and some of them were not really a surprise Los Angeles and pretty much all of California, parts of Texas, some fly over states, and swaths of regions on the East Coast and South. But we went really general. So today I thought to myself, Self, why not pool from the incredible IR community you re connected to and get really specific? ! By the way, Self, you need to really wash your hair and you smell like soup. It s also an awesome list for the single girls and gents who are contemplating relocation. So do me a favor, folks. I agree with San Antonio.

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I definitely see numerous interracial couples and families here, especially since we have a strong military presence. Love it. . Does this apply to only black women non black men? Cause I m thinking that Oakland and Houston might be on there due to the large Latino populations because Latinos and whites tend to date each other quite often even though that s not always considered interracial, and I don t know if I would consider Louisville KY or not I live there and rarely see IRR unless it s BMWW or Hispanic male and white femaleMt Airy is a neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia. It is also not majority black but pretty much even. Mt Airy boasts a highly educated population. It has been nick named the Ph. D Ghetto for that reason. A beautiful walk able community of large stone houses and well landscaped lawns. Swirl Friendly? Are you kidding me? HELL YES. It is one of the places Keith and I hang out. IRR of all varieties. The neighborhood looks like a Loving Day celebration every day. Philadelphia Pa  and the inner ring suburbs is very Swirl Friendly. Lots of WM/AW couples. BM/WW couples are also numerous but I am not seeing as many around as I have in the past. Very few BM/AW couples. WM/BW couples are exploding. They are all over the city and burbs. Philly is a city of neighborhoods.

There are a few that are racially diverse. There are also many where one race predominates. You will find IRRs in all of them. It is the make up of those IRR that will differ. You will see fewer IRR couples the farther you get away from the large cities in the state. We have been all over Pa. And have never felt threatened. The more rural area you might get a stare but that is about it. So Sacramento, CA is one of the most diverse cities in CA (it s my hometown, Whoop whoop! ). Some areas are racially predisposed (i. E you might find a neighborhood that is mostly Latino or Black or Russian), but generally if you re in an IR no one s going to bat an eye. I never lived in Vegas, but I was told during my stay there  by everyone I came in contact  with that I looked great with my French friend, despite the fact that we were not a couple. If you have the money to afford the lifestyle, no one s going to care about who you re with in the City of SinTo help in this effort check out these sites in order to get demographic information. I think this is a great idea! Sometimes it s subjective and there are other factors like the age, educational level, etc of men that you have dated or are looking to date. Plus, unfortunately, some of these areas are good for other interracial combos but not bw/ wm so there s a huge difference there but I still think this is an excellent idea, especially since we can explain/clarify in the comments to help make the list more accurate. Great list! I m sure you have seen me vouch for many cities in South Florida here on this site before but after living here 76yrs, the instant change in seeing an increase in WM/BW coupling the last two years has been great to see. From Midtown Miami, Wynwood Miami, South Beach, to the suburbs of Pembroke Pines, to posh Boca, to the old school area of Plantation, I see a good amount of that coupling. I wouldn t recommend Weston, Coral Springs, Cooper City, and the suburbs in Miami. Brickell in Miami is very up and coming for many young professionals (the city is planned to be the little NY) not a lot of black people there yet, but a lot of European/International men live there so it s been a hit for me too. A friend from California and I were talking about how dating sucks down here for black women.

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She said over there, if you re friendly and you look good, you get attention. I said down here, you could be damn near perfect and still not get that much attention. This is not saying I don t get any attention from non black men, but I don t see this as the best place for me to thrive and feel celebrated. I ve heard Asheville, NC is a decent place. It s a very open minded part of NC. I ve dated a guy from Asheville and I have a good friend from there lots of artist and musicians. Very liberal. I m surprised to see Birmingham on this list. Glad to see Myrtle Beach, SC and Savannah, GA listed because we re heading down that way for vacation! Karla MySmile Me, three! Hope to visit Asheville to attend a bluegrass festival and to take the kids to the Biltmore. The Working Home Keeper Karla MySmile I ve only been to Asheville once and it was to visit the Biltmore when I was younger. Even then, the city seemed like a beautiful place. Next neighborhood is Germantown. Another old community with Revolutionary War roots. The Battle of Germantown was fought there. This community has seen better days however it is on the up swing with the western part of the neighborhood ( the part closest to Mt. Airy) in full gentrification mode. Lot of people priced out of Brooklyn NY are moving there interestingly enough. It is the eastern part that is still dicey and even that is improving with investors snapping up properties for rehab and sale. Germantown is still heavily AA and working class to poor hence some of the tude one gets if one is a WM/BW couple. I live in South Florida as well and you re right most areas that was mention is very IRR friendly. I work in downtown Miami and I ve came across a lot of European/International men that have hit on me!

: )Hampton Roads, VA is not a city but an area that consist of about 7 cities including Virginia Beach, VA which is also on the list. Being a very military area I would agree it is pretty swirl friendly but that depends on where you live. Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Newport News are but Hampton, Portsmouth, and Newport News might be less so. Overall I would agree with having it on the list. Keioni Yeah my dad s side of the family lives in Hampton, VA and I don t see a lot of bw/wm couples there when I visit. I barely even saw bm/ww I don t live there though, so take my words with a grain of salt. Austin is a lot more liberal of a city and I know black women dating out there, so that might be a good place to be, but do not come to Houston specifically to swirl. You would have to really hustle. MySmile I thought the information you gave was great! If I was a single BW looking to date IR and considering GSO, I would want to know exactly the things you said. My friends that live in High Point (BW/WM) were already married when they moved to the area. But, haven t had any problems as a BW/WM couple with bi-racial children living in the area. I can vouch for Pittsburgh, but I was surprised to see Reading and Lancaster on the list. But even in my redneck area, swirling is growing much to the chagrin of the older population. Only a couple of weeks ago I heard an older woman use the term “darky. ”  I almost laughed out loud. I’d only heard that word in old movies about the old south. Spokane, WA is very swirly. So our whole family is one big swirl. There are many interracial couples in this city and many bi-racial children. Nobody bats an eye. It s a common sight.

Mim86 I agree with our comment. It is getting better. I am dating a WM and know of three marriages of BW/WM. I attend a very white church and the three marriages came from that church. My guy attended but left. It seems as if WM of Houston are curious but when it comes down to it, are afraid of their parents and end up dating WW or HW. I m a native Austinite and have lived in Austin my entire life. I ve never felt like I was out of place or should feel bad about dating outside of my race. I think every city in some respects will have its cluster of people who disagree with things like this, and that s just the inevitable part of life. Overall, you have a fair assumption that Austin should be included in this list. Charlotte unless the IRR other than BM/WW were in hibernation, I didn t see any. My sister-in-law stated that she dated WM before she married my step-brother. Of course, I never saw any of this b/c I didn t know her before she started dating my step-brother. I felt that Charlotte was still a little old south socially in this way. LOL i have no freaking idea how Woodstock, GA got put on there thats a freaking fib from the pit of hell. Maybe roswell GA. You find black men white women. Woodstock is just getting developed some, but its full of rednecks and just white ppl wanting to get away from anything ethnic like. I m a little surprised to not see San Diego on the list. Is there something I don t know about it? I am pretty grateful for this list though since I ve lived in CA all my life and have this desire to move around but a fear as to where I could go without the worry of people not being as open minded as where I am now. My fiancé and I, both met on an online dating site back in last winter. She is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and I am from Philadelphia.

I can truly attest to this, because both my finance and I, experienced it all the time. This was particularly noticeable when we would dine out in downtown Indy. Some of the reactions we noticed ranged from stares to people (both Caucasian men and women) shaking their heads in disbelief with a scowl look. This was often from the older generation not so much from the younger generation.

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