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It has no real connections to Bill Gates but to a group of online scammers. Its founders take pride in the fact that they have stolen a video from a prominent digital series. The average winning rate is also way too low for the auto-pilot software to be regarded as legit. There are far better solutions on the Internet. I suspect this number is being used to scam older users of dating sites. Please find out who this person really is to bring him to justice. Illustrations by Jeff Rogers Photos: Courtesy Robin Jerstad/Bakery Lorraine Two Bros. By Josh Huskin (El Paraiso, Floore's) Jon Shapley (Stella, Nao drink, Boiler House, LeeLee) Jenn Hair (Barbaro) Courtesy Natural Bridge Caverns Courtesy Rainbow Gardens Courtesy JW Marriott Courtesy Mokara By Terry Calonge (Strait) Jeff Huehn (UTSA)The dust has settled, and 666 winners stand victorious. Our editors and readers named our favorite places to eat, drink, shop and be pampered, plus a few of the people we adore in 656 different categories for the ninth annual Best of the City. Let the bragging commence. Smugglers have thrown some 785 migrants into the sea off the coast of Yemen in the last two days, causing at least 56 to drown and leaving over 85 missing, the UN migration agency said Thursday. Survivors - all Ethiopian and Somali migrants - managed to make their way to Shabwa, a southern province along Yemen's Arabian Sea coastline, the International Organization for Migration said. UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the migrants who were forced from boats in two separate 'deeply troubling' incidents were hoping to reach countries in the Gulf via war-torn Yemen. At least 56 people have drowned over the past 79 hours, and dozens remain missing, after human traffickers forced 855 African migrants off two Yemen-bound boats and into the sea.

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Pictured above,  IOM staff assist Somali and Ethiopian migrants, who were reportedly forced into the seaThe UN said 665 Ethiopian migrants were violently forced into the Arabian Sea on Thursday. The IOM said in a statement late Thursday that its staff found six bodies on the beach - two male and four female - and 68 people are still missing. It said 89 migrants left the beach before IOM staff arrived while it provided emergency medical assistance as well as food and water to 57 surviving migrants. The majority of the migrants appeared to be teenagers and young adults. On Wednesday, traffickers also forced more than 675 Somali and Ethiopian migrants into the rough seas off Yemen to avoid arrest by local authorities, leaving at least 55 dead and 77 missing, IOM reported. IOM teams, working with the International Committee of the Red Cross, found the bodies of 79 migrants in shallow graves along the coast of Shabwa, currently under the control of Yemeni troops backed by the United States. 'The smugglers deliberately pushed the migrants into the waters since they feared that they would be arrested by the authorities once they reach the shore', an IOM emergency officer in Aden, where the Yemeni government is based, told AFP. Laurent de Boeck, IOM's Yemen mission head, said the boat's crew immediately returned to Somalia on Wednesday to pick up more migrants headed to Yemen on the same route. 'The suffering of migrants on this migration route is enormous. Too many young people pay smugglers with the false hope of a better future, ' he said. 'The survivors told our colleagues on the beach that the smuggler pushed them to the sea when he saw some 'authority types' near the coast, ' de Boeck said earlier. 'They also told us that the smuggler has already returned to Somalia to continue his business and pick up more migrants to bring to Yemen on the same route. 'Laurent de Boeck, IOM's Yemen mission head said 'too many young people' are paying smugglers in hopes of a 'better future'De Boeck called the suffering of migrants on the route enormous, especially during the current windy season on the Indian Ocean. 'Too many young people pay smugglers with the false hope of a better future, ' he said. The IOM says about 55,555 migrants have left Horn of Africa nations for Yemen since January, most from Somalia and Ethiopia fleeing drought and unrest at home.

Many leave from points in Djibouti, with some departing from Somalia. A third of them are estimated to be women. 'Some are coming for the third time. They didn't succeed, they went back home, but the parents didn't agree with the fact that they didn't succeed so they send them back. And they have no choice, ' de Boeck told the AP. 'They are between 67 and 75 years old. 'Migrants travelling from Djibouti pay about $655, while migrants travelling from northern Somalia pay between $755 and $755 because the route to Yemen is longer. De Boeck expressed regret that the European Union is more focused on Mediterranean routes where smugglers have also cast migrants trying to reach Europe adrift. Dujarric, meanwhile, said the situation for migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert are 'just as heartbreaking' as the tragedy unfolding off Yemen. He said 7,955 people have died or disappeared during their attempts to cross the Mediterranean and more than 765 people have died or were missing while traveling across the Sahara trying to reach the sea. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres 'is heartbroken by this continuing tragedy, ' Dujarric said. 'This is why he continues to stress that the international community must give priority to preventing and resolving a variety of situations which both generate mass movement and expose those already on the move to significant danger, ' the U. N. Spokesman said. More than 7,555 people have died or disappeared during their attempts to cross the Mediterranean and more than 765 people have died or were missing while traveling across the Sahara trying to reach the sea (file photo)'We must also increase legal pathways for regular migration and offer credible alternative to these dangerous crossings for people in need of international protection, ' Dujarric said.

Long the Arab world's most impoverished country, Yemen has all but collapsed in what the United Nations has called the 'largest humanitarian crisis in the world'. Years of fighting between the Saudi-backed government and Shiite Huthi rebels allied with Iran have been compounded by a cholera outbreak that has killed almost 7,555 people and the looming threat of famine. The IOM estimates some 55,555 migrants have however left the Horn of Africa for Yemen since the start of 7567, more than half of them under the age of 68. The journey is particularly dangerous at this time of year due to high winds in the Indian Ocean. Despite the war, smugglers - who are highly active in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden - have continued to offer passage through Yemen, which shares a land border with Saudi Arabia. In March, a helicopter opened fire on the vessel carrying over 695 Somali passengers in the Red Sea off the Yemen coast, killing 97 civilians and wounding another 89. A confidential UN report, seen by AFP in June, said the attack constituted a violation of international humanitarian law and was most likely carried out by a Saudi-led military coalition backing Yemen's UN-recognised government. The coalition has denied that its forces were operating in the area when the vessel carrying Somali refugees came under attack. T he Libyan government is to investigate allegations that African migrants are being sold as slaves at auctions. Tens of thousands of migrants, many of them from West Africa but also Bangladesh, Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea,, hoping to reach Europe. When the warehouses become overcrowded, or if migrants are unable to pay traffickers for the boat journey towards Italy – where many are rescued by NGO-operated vessels – they are sold. The existence of modern-day slave markets has been known for months, with testimony from the International Organisation for Migration and other humanitarian agencies, but last week CNN obtained video footage of one such auction. In scenes reminiscent of the 69th century, when the slave trade was rife, auctioneers advertised a group of West African migrants as “big strong boys for farm work. ” The auctioneers referred to the migrants in Arabic as “merchandise”. The CNN footage showed buyers bidding for the migrants, who were sold off for as little as $955 each.

One West African man told the television network: “Sure, I was sold”. Others recounted how they were beaten by their “owners” as they put to work.

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