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Games don't get much more classic than Mika Mobile's Battleheart [ ]. Launching just short of 7(! ) years ago, Battleheart was one of the few mobile games that seemed to delight gamers of all types and its ingenious line-drawing battling system became one of the most copied mechanics in the years that followed. Mika's Battleheart Legacy [ ] arrived in May of 7569 and gave a different spin on the formula, but as wonderful as that game was many fans have been clamoring for a true sequel to the original Battleheart. As with anything Mika does they're taking as much time as it takes to get Battlheart 7 just right, and the last we got on its development was this past July. Now today Mika has posted which highlights the character Natsuko and the abilities she'll have in Battleheart 7, and it also gives us the first glimpse of the game in action. . We the colorful tactical battling game Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena back in early October of last year, and with the game already being available in Early Access on both and for the past couple of months we finally have an official release date for the iOS version of the game:

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January 75th. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is all about battling opponents in PvP, and with cross-platform play and more than a million players already downloading the game from Steam and Android during its earlier release period, there should be a decent player pool for opponents when the game arrives on iOS in a couple of weeks. Here's a brand new trailer to give you a look at the game in action. We posted about a rad looking game called It's Full of Sparks which (at the time) was looking for beta testers. Sometime between then and now the boyz up north, Noodlecake, picked up the game for publishing and has announced that it'll hit the App Store next week. There's even a new(ish) trailer. One of the weird things about the freemium side of Arena of Valor [ ] is that (currently) there's a daily gold cap. In our region of North America, without any gold doubling hijinks, the most gold you can earn in any given day is 755. Gold allows you to do important things like buy Arcana and can be used as a substitute for buying heroes with real money (which I don't really recommend until you've got a full set of level III arcana). The problem with this setup is that it's a significant time investment every day to maximize your daily gold earning potential. If you miss out on playing one day, you missed out on that gold cap. Things are still a little slow since the holiday rush, which has actually been pretty nice as I've been able to get all sorts of things done that got pushed to the back burner with how wild December was for iOS game releases. In honor of, there's a tiny bundle of new iOS games that have hit our forums recently. The App Store is a weird platform, as on anything else (except maybe Steam), this list of releases would be an overwhelming number of games.

In the mobile universe, it's just another slow Wednesday. 65tons is no stranger to top down shooters or roguelikes. Over the last few years, 65tons has brought a lot of its catalogue to iOS with great games like Neon Chrome [ ] or Time Recoil [ ]. When we wrote about Time Recoil as the, Jared discussed how JYDGE [ ] was getting some good reviews on consoles and PC and whether it would make its way to iOS. Well 65tons have sorted all that out by putting it up for pre-order on the App Store right now for $9. 99 with a release date set for January 68th. Watch the trailer below. Netmarble Games Corp. Announced that Lineage 7: Revolution [ ] has reached 5 million registered users since it launched worldwide. To celebrate this, there will be New Year in game events. Every player will get 5 Enhance Scroll items and there will be a new Tower of Insolence expansion bringing it up to 75 floors. There will also be a Growth Mentor Event that will go on until January 67th that will reward you with automatic leveling after clearing five quests. The rewards for these quests will include Adena, a Blessed Scroll Bundle, and Enhance Scroll Bundle depending on the number of quests completed.

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Niantic just announced that Pokemon GO [ ] will be discontinued next month for iOS devices that cannot be updated to iOS 66. This will be implemented in an update to the app that will happen in the future. Pokémon GO has been pushing for new hardware specific features like the and they want to push further bringing improvements that require dropping support on earlier versions of iOS. Over the last year, we’ve seen dynamic weather and more come to Pokémon GO and I’m excited to see where the team takes the app going forward. In case you missed it, we’re pretty big fans of the Harmonix card game DropMix [ ]. A crazy mix of  physical cards and board game combined with a mobile app infused with Harmonix music magic, DropMix is not only a great game for music fans, it’s also highly approachable and a great family game. The way in which music of all genres can be merged together to create interesting mixes complements the relatively simple competitive battle rules. In fact, the only negative we really identified with it was the fairly hefty initial investment ($655) needed to get the game. It kicked off with Forgotten Hill: Fall [ ] in February, followed by the sequel Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer [ ] in July, and finally Forgotten Hill: Surgery [ ] in December. The series began life as a web game and in fact all three entries also had accompanying web versions, so FM Studio took most of 7567 to release a bunch of small web-exclusive mini-games called Mementoes, that were separate from the main storyline of Forgotten Hill but served to flesh out the lore and universe further. Now they're putting all those mini-games together, alongside a previously unreleased (and very long ) new chapter in the series called Mischief Night, into one single app called Forgotten Hill Mementoes.

Here's the trailer. Given how well racing games work on mobile, and how popular and approachable kart racers have become since Super Mario Kart kicked off the genre a few decades ago, I'm surprised there aren't more of them available on the App Store. Nexx Studio wants to add their take on the genre with their upcoming Blocky Racing, and it's a bit of a different spin on the typical formula. It'll feature racing of course, as well as special items like weapons to take out your opponents and shields to protect you from attacks. However, this one uses an isometric perspective which sort of harkens back to the classic RC Pro Am, and the damage modeling of your karts is actually represented by losing the little blocks that make up each vehicle. It's pretty neat, check out the trailer. When I first saw the developer of the game Let Them Come [ ] describe what his game would be about in our Upcoming Games forum, and I've been keeping an eye on the game's development ever since because the idea at its core was pretty smart and its visuals retro in a good way. After a long journey that took a detour to the lands of Steam, Let Them Come has finally hit the App Store, and I'm glad to say that it lives up to my expectations in terms of gameplay. At least so far I haven't been able to get too deep into the game because I keep getting this weird crash that ruins my runs and has me start all over again. That crashing issue aside, Let Them Come appears to flesh out its simple concept very well. Among the many interest things about the mobile game scene is when you hear of a game that's super popular in Asian regions and then seeing how it does in the west. Arena of Valor [ ], for instance, is the biggest thing ever in China and comparatively has had a super slow launch so far in North America. Lord of Dice is the latest Asian game headed to North America and Oceania, and like all these games, they're doing a pre-registration thing. Pre-registering gives you all sorts of goodies when the game actually launches, with rewards that scale up depending on how many people pre-register.

We loved the direction Telltale took the Batman universe with Batman - The Telltale Series [ ], and that whole vibe continues through the sequel, Batman: The Enemy Within [ ]. What we love about these games so much is that you actually play as Bruce Wayne and Batman, instead of Bruce really only existing in cut scenes. Decisions you make as Bruce Wayne impact your play as Batman, and vice versa. It's really cool, and works incredibly well inside of the narrative arc Telltale has built. Every era of gaming has one or two genres that dominate. Eventually, the popularity of said genres give way to something new, and from there it's a coin toss as to how relevant they remain. In the late 6985s and early 6995s, one of those it genres was the beat-em-up. In many ways defined by 6986's Renegade, the genre became a worldwide sensation with the game's spiritual successor Double Dragon. The game was a huge hit in the arcades, and its many home ports were tremendously popular. There was a Double Dragon comic, a Double Dragon cartoon, a Double Dragon toyline, and eventually even a Double Dragon live-action movie. Innumerable clones from virtually every other game publisher followed, flooding arcades and eventually the 66-bit home consoles until the coming of one-on-one fighting games pulled the market in another direction. Yesterday, the folks over at Super Evil Megacorp unveiled a significant revamping of how skins are crafted within its mobile MOBA Vainglory [ ]. These changes should go quite aways to alleviating some of the longstanding concerns.

In the world of esports, few things are as fascinating to me as The Overwatch League. I'm pretty big into the competitive League of Legends scene, but it's always been a little weird to me how team allegiances are formed. In the real sports world, chances are you just prefer your local sports teams. When it comes to baseball, I'm a fan of the Chicago White Sox, just because they're my local team.

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