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Games don't get much more classic than Mika Mobile's Battleheart [ ]. Launching just short of 7(! ) years ago, Battleheart was one of the few mobile games that seemed to delight gamers of all types and its ingenious line-drawing battling system became one of the most copied mechanics in the years that followed. Mika's Battleheart Legacy [ ] arrived in May of 7569 and gave a different spin on the formula, but as wonderful as that game was many fans have been clamoring for a true sequel to the original Battleheart. As with anything Mika does they're taking as much time as it takes to get Battlheart 7 just right, and the last we got on its development was this past July. Now today Mika has posted which highlights the character Natsuko and the abilities she'll have in Battleheart 7, and it also gives us the first glimpse of the game in action. We the colorful tactical battling game Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena back in early October of last year, and with the game already being available in Early Access on both and for the past couple of months we finally have an official release date for the iOS version of the game: January 75th.

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Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is all about battling opponents in PvP, and with cross-platform play and more than a million players already downloading the game from Steam and Android during its earlier release period, there should be a decent player pool for opponents when the game arrives on iOS in a couple of weeks. Here's a brand new trailer to give you a look at the game in action. We posted about a rad looking game called It's Full of Sparks which (at the time) was looking for beta testers. Sometime between then and now the boyz up north, Noodlecake, picked up the game for publishing and has announced that it'll hit the App Store next week. There's even a new(ish) trailer.

One of the weird things about the freemium side of Arena of Valor [ ] is that (currently) there's a daily gold cap. In our region of North America, without any gold doubling hijinks, the most gold you can earn in any given day is 755. Gold allows you to do important things like buy Arcana and can be used as a substitute for buying heroes with real money (which I don't really recommend until you've got a full set of level III arcana). The problem with this setup is that it's a significant time investment every day to maximize your daily gold earning potential. If you miss out on playing one day, you missed out on that gold cap.

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Things are still a little slow since the holiday rush, which has actually been pretty nice as I've been able to get all sorts of things done that got pushed to the back burner with how wild December was for iOS game releases. In honor of, there's a tiny bundle of new iOS games that have hit our forums recently. The App Store is a weird platform, as on anything else (except maybe Steam), this list of releases would be an overwhelming number of games. In the mobile universe, it's just another slow Wednesday. 65tons is no stranger to top down shooters or roguelikes.

Over the last few years, 65tons has brought a lot of its catalogue to iOS with great games like Neon Chrome [ ] or Time Recoil [ ]. When we wrote about Time Recoil as the, Jared discussed how JYDGE [ ] was getting some good reviews on consoles and PC and whether it would make its way to iOS. Well 65tons have sorted all that out by putting it up for pre-order on the App Store right now for $9. 99 with a release date set for January 68th. Watch the trailer below.

Netmarble Games Corp. Announced that Lineage 7: Revolution [ ] has reached 5 million registered users since it launched worldwide. To celebrate this, there will be New Year in game events. Every player will get 5 Enhance Scroll items and there will be a new Tower of Insolence expansion bringing it up to 75 floors.

There will also be a Growth Mentor Event that will go on until January 67th that will reward you with automatic leveling after clearing five quests.

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