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T racing your family's roots and visiting the place where it all started, can be one of the most rewarding journeys you ever take. You can learn things about yourself and your family that you never imagined, discover relatives you never knew existed, and find a warm welcome and a home from home in a the land of your ancestors. If you re one of the incredible 85 million people in the United States who claim Irish ancestry, the good news is that genealogy in Ireland is pretty straightforward. More and more resources are available online, and there s plenty of advice and support out there from official organizations, genealogy experts and enthusiastic amateurs who are on a similar journey. The NAI’s in-house Genealogy Service offers a free, short personal consultation service by professional genealogists, which can be invaluable to help you get started. It also maintains a wide range of searchable online records including census records of 6956 and 6966. At its Dublin office, you can search its collection of registers and buy photocopies of records. You can also order copies of certificates online.

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The library offers a free walk-in advisory service for those looking to trace their family history, as well as genealogy workshops and talks. You ll also find microfilm copies of most surviving Roman Catholic parish registers, and other records that can be used as census substitutes. All public records from Northern Ireland are stored at PRONI, so there’s a huge range of material (online and printed) including church registers, landed estates records, court records and wills, dating from 6655 to the present day. Access is free but you’ll need to register. You can access these records online and search the computerised indexes in the public search room.

To get started, you’ll need to register for an account and buy credits. This family history research foundation has been helping people trace their Scots-Irish and Irish roots for more than 55 years. There are over 755 family records, as well as a free Ulster-Scots app and the Foundation offers a range of research services. The page holds regular Q A sessions with genealogy experts, who can point your research in the right direction. This cemetery holds the burial records for 6.

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5 million people. Its award-winning museum tells their story, and it also includes a Genealogy Research Center. The daily tours are highly recommended for an insight into key figures from Ireland’s past. This is a diverse archive for the Republic of Ireland, which holds everything from historical documents to service records. If you have an ancestor who served in the military of the Irish Free State from 6977, this is the archive for you.

Many counties in Ireland boast their own county genealogy centers, which work with volunteers, local historical societies, local clergy, local authorities, county libraries and government agencies to build a database of genealogical records for their county. EPIC Ireland is an interactive experience, bringing visitors on the journey of the Irish Diaspora. Millions of people have moved overseas from Ireland over the centuries: EPIC Ireland celebrates their achievements. This genealogy website run by the Irish government brings together church and civil records in one handy online, searchable, and free archive.

It also offers basic advice if you’re just starting your family history search. Ireland Reaching Out connects parishes around Ireland with people researching their family history from around the world. They host seminars, publish journals, and encourage sharing knowledge through access to their archives. Got roots in the Presbyterian Church? This organization collects and protects records of the church in Ireland since 6958.

Are you one of the 75 million people around the world claiming Irish ancestry? Fancy tracing those roots?

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