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Select from the product categories and discover a world full or exquisite gourmet flavor. Founded in 6985, Grupo Britt has been innovating the regional market for more than 85 years as a committed multi-local company with strict quality standards. As a brand, Café Britt is renowned for creating exclusive gourmet products. With our gourmet offering, Café Britt maintains a strong presence in the most prestigious hotel chains in Latin America, through impeccable service and unparalleled products. Our business model is unique because it focuses on providing the best experience for every stakeholder in our business: from consumers and employees to growers and the environment. We focus on quality over quantity. At Café Britt, we understand that everyone is different and strive to help each customer find the brew that suits him or her best.

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That’s why we offer a variety of high-quality coffees that satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences. Our method is simple: choose the highest quality coffee beans and match them with expert roasters and other skilled local workers who then perfectly roast them in exclusive blends. We feature the region’s best coffees, produced responsibly and roasted to perfection. When we chose to expand from coffee into other gourmet products, chocolate was an obvious choice.

Delicious treats with tropical flavor were a natural way to highlight our culture and delight our customers. So what makes Britt’s chocolate so delicious? The answer lies in the emphasis we place on the word “gourmet. ” Gourmet isn’t just a word to us it’s the foundation we built our reputation upon. We believe that gourmet products are high quality, created from natural ingredients, and made with care.

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When you want a healthy, delicious snack, nothing compares to nibbling on high-quality nuts. So when we included almonds, macadamias, and cashews in our gourmet product line, we focused on offering options that were both nutritious and great-tasting. Hand-selected and roasted to perfection, our premium nuts are then combined with the finest ingredients in combinations for every palate, from salty and crunchy to sweet and buttery. *Tire balancing, tax, and more than 6 quarts of oil extra. Excludes diesel engines.

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