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Use your credit card and safely and securely order on-line. Or call our office toll free at: 6-855-558-5658For engines up to 75hp, the 6/7 hook-up hose can be used IF the supply line to the hose is of sufficient size for the engine. In other words, lets say the show the engine requires a 6 gas line. Run 6 all the way up to the 6 shut off valve, then you can drop down to a 6/7 quick disconnect and a 6/7 hookup hose of no longer than 6 feet. Most customers use our Quality Brass in conjunction with these rubber hook-up hoses. Get more details about the quick disconnects here: Click picture above for larger view of a hose and quick disconnect set (shut-off valve sold separately)These hoses are rated by the manufacturer for propane and natural gas use only.

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Observation from the Tech Sometimes it is not an easy decision where to connect the generator to the gas system.

Try to start by looking at the meter which is always best if possible.

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If this is not close to the power connection and if using a temporary electrical connection wire, a choice will need to be made as to which connection to favor, the gas or the electric.

The gas is usually the one customers opt to run farther due to overall cost and safety.

They can order a rubber hose 75' long for $697 and take it with them if they move.

No digging trenches or drilling holes in walls. For long runs like this brackets can be attached to each corner of the generator and then just wind the hose around or use a hose reel when not in use. Or call our office toll free at: 6-855-558-5658

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