Karen and Kevin Clifton avoid each other on Strictly

Is kevin from strictly dating karen

The firm fan favourites take a break from rehearsals to speak to RadioTimes. Com about geeking out, their Come Dancing chances, and judges' criticismIt would be fair to say that not many people thought Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton would make it this far in Strictly Come Dancing. Least of all Susan Calman and Kevin Clifton. “ I’m getting a sofa delivered today, ” Susan laughs as she speaks to. “My wife’s had to take a day off because I thought I’d be out of the competition by now. ”And it’s not just the sofa. Susan admits that she now doesn’t have enough clothes to wear on It Takes Two as she thought she would only need around six outfits in total for her time on Strictly. “I thoug ht if we were lucky we would get to Movie Week, ” she says.

Strictly s Karen and Kevin Clifton are barely speaking

“ So I’ve now had to start repeating my outfits and I can’t do it anymore because I stole them from Armchair Detectives which is currently showing – so I now can’t wear those clothes. “I’ve had to find other clothes from the bottom of my wardrobe. I’m going to be wearing some horrific t-shirt that I won in a competition that’s got the Dulux Home Decorating Centre on it! ”Although Strictly fans would love for this to be the case, Kevin – who has famously made the final every single year that he’s competed on Strictly – thinks that this will most likely be the couple’s final week. “With the standard of the competition the way it is right now, we’re probably likely to be down the bottom of the leaderboard, and you know, we’re odds-on going to get eliminated this week, ” he tells us.

“ So we might as well just go there with no pressure, go and have fun, do the dance as best we can, enjoy the moment, and then whatever happens happens. “I would say we are courting, ” laughs Susan. The chemistry was instant. Before this series of Strictly had even begun and the celebrities and professionals had been partnered up, the pair found kindred spirits in one another as they bonded over Ron and Jon. “E ven before the launch show, we were just bonding over things like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, ” says Kevin.

Who is Kevin Clifton Strictly Come Dancing 2017

“And we were going, ‘Imagine if we got partnered together and we got Halloween Week, we could do a Game of Thrones number, ’ and we were geeking out over the whole thing. I feel like we’ve been mates for years now. Namely concerning former partners. “I’m slightly jealous of his ex-dance girlfriends, ” says Susan, turning to him. “And with Kellie Bright in particular, you did Star Wars and Harry Potter with her – which is slightly annoying because that’s what I would like to do!

”Another good mate of Susan’s is. She “loves” Strictly, and Susan says that the author is even part of a message “support group” of women cheering her on each week. “She’s been a really good friend of mine for a few years now, ” says Susan. “Every day I send them photographs, I send them the dance in advance so they know what’s happening and I tell them what the costume is. They’ve just been very supportive for the past 66 weeks.

They’re just lovely, lovely women. ”If they get through to Musicals Week, Susan reveals they will be doing a Salsa to ABBA’s Take a Chance on Me from Mamma Mia. During rehearsals her and Kevin “turn into 67-year-old kids” apparently – and during training for their Jive in week 7 they would have “lightsaber battles with each other” using the broom handle props. They are clearly having so much fun, but often the judges have been more critical of their Saturday night performances. Not that Susan’s letting the comments get to her.

“The thing is, my past life is as a stand-up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, ” she explains. “And when you’ve stood in front of 655 people completely silent on a Saturday night, that hurts.

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