4 Things I Learned from the Worst Online Dating Profile Ever

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Where did he go, and why doesn't he call? Dear Mirror of Aphrodite, I am a 88 year old man and would just like to say that I enjoyed reading your commentary with regards to online dating. I hope every woman is heeding advice of this nature. To be honest, I have made some of the classic blunders you describe. I subscribe more so to the old world and are struggling with many aspects of online dating ettiquette. I concur with many of the responses you suggest that come from men. It makes the prospect of having a meaningful conversation very difficult.

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I can appreciate that many of the ladies have become suspicious or a simply worn down from the rubbish they encounter. Thank you for creating a document, which gives me this insight and more of an opportunity to find a genuine lady. Kind Regards, Simon. I met a guy online on a dating site. His profile is good.

I asked him for his pic. He sent me two pics and one of them is a shirtless pic showing off his muscles. I was taken a back. It kinda creeped me. Isn t this disrespectful?

Online Dating Men Don t Get It And Women Don t Understand

Or am I over reacting? I didn t reply to him yet. I mean, you re strangers at this point - what s the message he s attempting to convey by doing that? It s like saying, Hey, look at my body, don t you want my body? It s like saying, This is what you re going to get.

I think it s inappropriate to be sending half nude pictures of yourself, man or woman, to a virtual stranger. If you get to know one another at a later point in time, then I can see it being okay. But to act like that and come off like that right up front, when you re still strangers, making the focus your body or your muscles - it reeks of trolling the Internet for sex to me. I meant a shirtless muscle pic might be okay - but NEVER nude pics, LOL. It creeped me out and I didnt feel comfortable.

Isn t it the same logic-nude or half nude? We are strangers and he wants to impress me with his body! ! I feel it is inappropriate and I am not going to respond to him. Is it an over reaction?

May be he is good at writing.

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