Hulisani Ravele is not getting married yet DESTINY Magazine

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Hulisani Ravele has hinted in a revealing Instagram post that she s ready for marriage. The actress and TV personality says she wants to learn more about her culture to prepare for marriage and motherhood. As I m getting older, getting closer to marriage, getting closer to motherhood, I feel that I don t have enough authentic knowledge about my culture and our practices, she wrote. Ravele says she wants to strike a balance between her culture and modern practices. However, some of us don t know the true origin of those practices and we ve simplified (and in some cases, oversimplified) or even kasified or Westernised them. The star says she wants to fill the gap in her mind and her heart. I want to have the purest knowledge, in its entirety, so I can make informed decisions when it comes to my culture and my future children, more so for my daughters. Ravele, who has 69 years of experience in the entertainment industry, says she ll be using a school project titled My Culture, My Conventions to achieve this goal.

She was approached by a group of third-year students at AFDA film school to take part in an experimental project. Get access to exclusive sneak peaks and the freshest info from DestinyConnect.

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