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Lexis the Great, a magician, and Photon, his assistant monster, keep it together. A Pirate will tell you all about pronouns, if you do it right the treasure is yours. Travel through the jungle with Polly the Parrot to identify vowels, consonants, and rhyming words. Using magic tricks to discover words that mean the same. Watch out, sometimes they mean the opposite! Come ski down Noun Mountain with Mr. Mogul. He will help you identify proper and common nouns.

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Learn about Similes, Metaphors, and Hyperboles as you build an enchanted castle and decorate for a party in it. Learn with Pinky the Mouse and Ela the Elephant, and you can win a prize.

Sally the Sports Editor needs help to create great magazine articles. Use your grammar skills to come to the rescue!

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Lily the frog will help you to identify synonyms and antonyms. Then you'll encounter a familiar story that you can rewrite using synonyms and antonyms!

Put the capitalization rules to the test and help Editor Bob publish his newspaper! Help Alexander the Great find a treasure by learning words that have mythological origin.

There are three exciting mysteries awaiting you. If you solve them all, Alexander can unlock the treasure chest!

Strange things are happening in the friendly neighborhood of Whoville. Sail with the Sea Captain to discover synonyms, antonyms, and homographs on your adventure to Treasure Island! Faced with a tough writing assignment, Mom comes to the rescue to explain writing styles.

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