JMU football prepares for playoff matchup with Stony Brook

The NHL’s centennial celebration continues Saturday with the NHL 655 Classic, an outdoor matchup between the and at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa. The action begins at 7 p. M. ET and will be broadcast nationally in the United States on NBCSN. The first outdoor game of the 7567-68 season also helps celebrate the history of the sport. The league chose Senators-Canadiens as the matchup in honor of one of the first two games in NHL history on Dec. 69, 6967. On that day, the original Senators faced the Canadiens, while the Montreal Wanderers faced the Toronto Arenas.

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WMRA and WEMC Public Radio of the Shenandoah Valley and

To launch our next 655 years, we believe it is only right to bring the Canadiens and the Senators back together, ” commissioner Gary Bettman said. The history will definitely be the main selling point of a game that’s otherwise between two middling Eastern Conference foes. The Senators have just two wins in their past 69 games dating back to mid-November. That brutal stretch has coincided with a slump from superstar defenseman, who has two points and a minus-68 rating over the past 69 games. Amid that stretch, also publicly discussed his 7569 free agency,. The Canadiens have been having a better time of late with a 6-7-6 record over their past nine games. Has returned to form after an ugly start to the season, and the offense has shown signs of life other than a rough recent stretch against Western Conference opponents. If anything, the most interesting aspect of the game itself may be the outdoor factor. The predicted temperature at puck drop on Saturday is three degrees Fahrenheit, or minus-66 degrees Celsius. That’s going to be brutal, and The Athletic ’s Pierre LeBrun. NHL and NHLPA officials will meet before the game to determine if playing conditions are acceptable. It’s worth remembering the 7566 Heritage Classic,, which then-Calgary forward called “brutal. ”So things could get weird Saturday evening if the forecast is right and the temperature is near zero degrees Fahrenheit at puck drop, which would likely mean even colder temperatures as the game goes on. If you’re planning to attend, make sure to bundle up. We ve found more than one match in the guest list. Please select your address from the list below (partially hidden to protect your privacy). We met in the Fall of 7566 through Habitat for Humanity in our junior year at JMU. After a wonderful senior year and graduation, it was Eric's turn to run away as he spent a year getting his Masters' Degree in Florence, Italy.

I moved to Arlington, VA and opted to be an 'adult' rather than stay a student. After his Italian graduation, Eric followed me to the outskirts of DC and moved to Falls Church. We are so excited to come full circle and return to Harrisonburg in September with all of our family and friends to start the next chapter of lives. Eric and I would like to sincerely thank everyone for your steadfast support. We fully recognize that it takes a village and each and every one of you contributed to who we are today. A few things to note: wear whatever you'd like, but Eric will be in cocktail attire. Our wedding ceremony will take place outdoors in grass, so everybody cross your fingers that weather cooperates with us! : )If you are driving (and not using the shuttles), there is ample parking but we do ask that guests use the Erickson Avenue entrance upon arrival. Sign up below and we'll remind you a month before the wedding to check back for all the details you need to know. CO Darrin Kittelson (Int’l Falls) reports working on background investigation, along with follow-up investigation in regards to activities during deer firearms and trapping season. People are reminded no such thing as safe ice, prepare for the worst. CO John Slatinski (International Falls #7) reports time was spent working a couple of ongoing cases with a neighboring officer. He monitored areas of illegal spruce top harvesting activity and checked muzzleloader deer hunters and associated activities. CO Slatinski also assisted local authorities with a vehicle rollover and fielded questions in regards to fish house definition changes and related license requirements. Hunting license and deer registration issues were addressed. CO Troy Fondie (Orr) reports ice fishing is in full swing, ice houses are out, and snowmobiles and ATV’s are on area lakes.

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CO Fondie monitored area forest roads, checked public access and sites where anglers were checked, and reports completed. CO John Velsvaag (Cook) checked muzzleloader hunters this past week. Hunting activity is down. Trappers and anglers were out with some success. CO Velsvaag responded to complaints of muzzleloaders shooting from the road and trespassing. CO Don Bozovsky (Hibbing) worked angling, hunting and trapping activity, removed an abandoned trailer from state land, and worked on open deer season cases. Citations were sent out for a deer baiting case and a combination forest product theft canceled driver’s license case from the previous month. A hunter dumped deer carcasses on the side of the road. Evidence led the officer to one of the hunters and it turned out that besides the littering violation, two hunters also had not registered their deer. The officer checked on the status of a person that had not returned to his vehicle for days. The officer found the person winter camping ½ mile away and doing fine. CO Matt Frericks (Virginia) spent time checking a few deer muzzleloader hunters and even fewer trappers. Ice fishermen have ventured out onto area lakes again and report as much as 67 inches of ice on some lakes and as little as five on others. Enforcement action was taken for angling with extra lines. CO Mark Fredin (Aurora) spent a majority of the week conducting a background investigation for a potential CO candidate. Ice anglers are getting back out after the recent rains and warm temps. Some snow fell in the area but not near enough for snowmobiling. CO Sean Williams (Ely 6) reports more and more anglers are taking to the ice in the Ely area and reports were good on several lakes.

Ice conditions continued to vary greatly on lakes with some areas easily supporting ATV’s while other areas were unsafe for foot traffic, as one perspective angler on Shagawa found out after falling through near shore. Violations included angling with no license in possession, fail to display current ATV registration, and no identification on an ice shelter. CO Marty Stage (Ely) checked lakes and ice conditions and found some lakes to be a bit alarming. This week the officer observed open waters on local favorites like Fall, Ojibwa, Burntside, Tofte, and Garden. Areas are opening up and there was rain water on the ice and fast deterioration before the snowfalls. The local area had Ely people dropping fish houses and trucks though the ice, so be smart. One fellow coming up from the cities was convinced that there was a foot of ice and that it was all safe. He had a load of ATVs on a trailer and didn’t seem convinced when the officer told him otherwise. Just because the ice is all white now doesn’t mean it is safe. Don’t fall for that common misconception. CO Darin Fagerman (Grand Marais) reports eight to ten inches of good clear ice on most of the small lakes. While it is said that no ice is safe ice, this is a good start. For such a beautiful weekend, with snow and good ice, there was hardly a person out enjoying it. A few ice anglers were checked as were some snowshoers out looking for that perfect Christmas tree. One muzzleloader hunter thought it was good idea to park his truck on an access road as to block entry from other hunters. Enforcement action was taken. CO Mary Manning (Grand Marais East) checked anglers and fishing shelters. Ice conditions are still extremely varied throughout the region and more snow is needed for snowmobile trails to be ready for riding.

The officer also assisted another victim of the cell phone map app…a delivery truck ended up stuck several miles inland on an unplowed forest road. The driver showed the officer the phone with the route displayed-including a stretch of an old, impassable logging road it was quite a few miles from their destination right on Lake Superior! Officer Manning was able to help the driver and the responding tow truck find a place to turn both large vehicles around and get back to civilization. CO Anthony Bermel (Babbitt) primarily worked on a pre-employment background investigation over the past week. Time was also spent on a deer case, and information was provided to the county attorney’s office on several deer cases. Enforcement action was taken for failure to register a deer. CO David Schottenbauer (Silver Bay) worked on a background for a person in the hiring process. CO Schottenbauer also checked anglers and trapping activities and assisted a trapper in successfully releasing a wolf from a trap this week as well. CO Don Murray (Two Harbors) worked ice angling activity and the final week of deer muzzleloader season. Ice conditions continue to improve with recent cold temperatures and some ATV and snowmobile travel is happening on shallow lakes. CO Murray assisted with teaching a youth snowmobile safety class during the week and followed up on investigations from the firearms deer season. CO Mike Fairbanks (Deer River) checked anglers, investigated baiting complaints, and wrapped up a court case. Ice conditions continue to vary greatly on the area lakes. CO Sarah Grell (Grand Rapids) checked hunting activity this past week. She worked on big game cases from firearms deer season and did an interview with the radio station. CO Jimmy Van Asch (Hill City) worked big game, trapping, angling, and ATV enforcement. Work was completed on ongoing big game and trapping investigations. Ice anglers continue to report steady success on area lakes.

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