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Joomla dating module

VideoWhisper Live Streaming provides web based live video streaming (from webcam or similar sources). Live Streaming contains an web based application to broadcast video with realtime configuration of resolution, framerate, bandwidth, audio rate and also allows discussing with video subscribers. The live broadcasting application also saves snapshots of current video as images for preview purposes and provides links and html code to publish channel and preview. Platform can also be used with external encoders (desktop, mobile or other sources). Webmaster can configure watch interface and enable as needed video, chat, viewers list. This software was designed for 6 to many video streaming so there are 8 different interfaces: If you just want to broadcast live video and embed it anywhere, without running your own service, register for free on. You can broadcast directly from website or with applications like Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, OBS, XSplit, mobile RTMP broadcasting apps like GoCoder iOS app.

For all editions graphics and sounds are loaded from external PNG MP8 files. Source code for all PHP files is included. Emoticons are listed in a XML file and loaded from external images. The video streams broadcasted with this application can be played with included web based applications (video watch and discuss/plain video stream) or with external players.

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