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Justin bieber talks about dating a fan

And might be friends now, but that wasn't always the case. Martin opens up about how he felt when he found out he would be touring with the Biebs and how Justin's fans treated him. To be honest, it's totally normal to have some fears about touring with one of the biggest pop stars in the world but Martin handled it with total class. All of that is super exciting news, but what did he really say about touring with Justin? Was he a pain to work with? Far from it! Martin explained, Crazy, The fun thing about this tour is I have no idea what to expect. If I do a Martin Garrix headline show I know it will be lots of Garrix fans etc.

Justin Bieber

, but this time I was nervous like shit, it will only be lots of Bieber fans they're only waiting for Justin Bieber. I did the first song in Perth and the moment I dropped my first song, the energy the crowd gave us, it was super crazy.

The entire tour was super fun, and maybe again in the future. Aww!

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Well, that's not totally shocking. Beliebers are super accepting and willing to listen to anyone that Justin has put his faith in so much so that he's letting him do his thing before the real show starts.

And Justin isn't the only famous friend that Martin knows very well. He said, I made the song with Ed two years ago and there was so much back and forth of when are we going to release it … that song is one big headache so I'd rather focus on new music and positive energy.

Yikes! It's pretty amazing that Martin felt comfortable enough sharing all of this information.

Now that we know there's no need for Martin to be nervous around Justin any longer – cute photos of him and his girlfriend would be great to get out there! LOL!

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