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I got the idea from Bart Kwan and Geo Antoinette on JustKiddingNews. Adding another point of Success. If you re wondering what the video is called, it s called. 75-year-old English actor and dancer from Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom, and award winner. Tom Holland is like any normal twenty-year-old. If there was a picture that he really liked of the two of you or just you, he would post the picture on Twitter or Instagram. As for the fans, the fans support the two of you since day one because of how adorable and in love the two of you were. The fans loving you just as much because of how you were able to spend time with them and get Tom s attention.

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There is some hate once in a while, but nothing crazy. Today was the day to go to the Comic-Con International for the upcoming Spiderman: Homecoming Premiere in San Deigo in 7567. You are going to the premiere as the supporting girlfriend you are and going as the second main character in the movie as well. Tom didn t know who was gonna be playing the second main character, but he did know that the person would be a girl because the second main character was a female character. He was ecstatic when hearing the news of you being the second main character. Not only did he have his girlfriend on set, he had his very best friend on set with him also. The outfit today was nothing special. Nothing glittery, nothing eye-popping, nothing that big of a deal to become news the next day. You just stuck to a black skirt with black spandex shorts underneath, a black top with your hair down, light makeup, an accessory or two and your favorite pair of shoes. So here you were, backstage with the rest of the Spiderman: Homecoming cast and talking to Zendaya and Laura about girl stuff as Tom was called onto the Comic-Con stage and then the director of the movie. (Y/N), you re up, A backstage person says as you said your see ya laters to the girls and the guys. You waited on the side of the of the stage before hopping up the stairs and onto the stage with a mic in hand when hearing your name being called. You gave the very big crowd a smile when the cheers grew louder, waving at them before stopping beside Tom and director of the Spiderman: Homecoming movie. You watching as the rest of the cast came onto the stage talked for a bit before starting to answer questions from fans in the crowd. A certain question being asked from a fan and more specifically for you. I was wondering if it was your idea to match outfits with Tom today? The fan asked with a small smile, looking up towards you. It was actually Tom s idea to match outfits today. Him saying and I quote, You looked over to your boyfriend to see him with a cheeky innocent smile before let out a little laugh and saying the next few words in your best British accent, Wouldn t we look cute, love?

But don t we look cute, though? Tom asked towards into the mic, looking at you as he asked the crowd. You giving your boyfriend a little shake of your head with a smile as the room agreed with Tom. The next question also being asked towards you. (Y/N), I ve seen some of your Instagram posts and I see that you rap in some of your posts, The fan states into the mic. You nodded your head and answered back with a little yes into the microphone you had in your hand, I was wondering if you can rap a bit for us? I don t know. You answered back with an unsure smile, rocking on the heels of your feet- well, shoes. (Y/N), I didn t know you could rap, Zendaya says with a surprised tone and a smile. This I gotta hear, Laura says as the crowd started to cheer for you to rap a song, a laugh erupting from you when the cast members started to cheer along with the crowd. Come on, love. You gotta rap for them, Tom says after you looked over to your boyfriend with an expression of help me. Wait, you heard her rap before? ! Zendaya exclaimed, fake being taken back a bit. All the time, Tom answers with a cheeky smile, Come on, babe. Fine. You exclaimed, letting out a fake heavy sigh as the crowd and the cast cheered, What should I sing then, Tom? How about Monster, Nicki Minaj s rap, Tom suggest as you gave your boyfriend a light head shook and a smile because he knew that was one of your favorite parts to rap. Okay, Nicki Minaj s rap of Monster it is. You agreed as the crowd broke out into cheer and started to get quiet for you to start rapping, Can I get my phone for music first? You stalled for a few seconds before thanking one the backstage crew who handed you your phone.


You quickly getting music and waited for the right beat. The room was dead silent until your voice rapping Nicki Minaj s part of Monster broke the silence. Pull up in the monster automobile gangster. With a bad b- that came from Sri Lanka. Yeah, I m in that Tonka, color of Willy Wonka. You could be the King, but watch the Queen conquer. First things first, I ll eat your brains then Imma start rocking gold teeth and fangs. Cause that s what a mother monster do, hairdresser from Milan, that s the monster do. Monster Giuseppe heel, that s the monster shoe. Young Money is the roster and the monster crew and I m all up, all up, all up in the bank with the funny face and if I m fake, I ain t notice cause my money ain t. You finished the rap all while blocking the inappropriate words. You let out a small breath from all the rapping as the crowd broke out into applause, you gave the crowd a big smile before bowing forward. That. Was. AWESOME! Zendaya cries out in joy as the crowd and the cast burst into cheers of agreement. Would you look at that? The crowd loves me more than you, Tom. You teased into the mic, looking at your boyfriend with an innocent smile. What? No way, love, Tom protest with a cheeky smile. A few people in the crowd cheering a little bit when hearing Tom calling you by one of the many pet names that the two of you have for each other.

I m pretty sure, babe. Wanna find out? The male at the stand asked as the crowd broke out into cheers of the agreement. Let s find out, Tom says as you looked over to your boyfriend with a smile. Tom already looking at you with adoration and love in his dark brown eyes. Let s find out then. You answered before the two of you looked over to the man behind the Comic-Con stand. Alright, The male says before the director walked to the two of you and made the two of you stand side to side. Let the better significant other, win, Tom says to you and not into the mic. You gave your boyfriend a small smile before shaking your head. You know I m gonna win this, You answered before adjusting the mic in your hand. I think not, Tom corrects before the competition started. Tom Holland, The director says, lifting a hand above Tom s head. You smiling a bit when hearing a decent amount of noise coming from the crowd. (Y/N) (L/N), The director waves his hand over your head as the noise from the crowd went crazy. You nodded your head with both your hands in the air all while making hands motions for the noise to get louder, to which it did get louder. You looked over to your boyfriend to see Tom with a fake offended look as the cast cheered along with the crowd. (Y/N), I think your boyfriend needs some cheering up, Jacob teases as you looked over at your boyfriend to see him pouting with slightly crossed arms. You shuffled over to your boyfriend and threw your arms around his neck to pull him into a quick tight hug also with many apology kisses on the cheek. I love you, baby. You mumbled into Tom s ear, feeling one of your boyfriend s arm wrap themselves around your waist and the other held onto the mic. I love you too, love, Tom says, giving you a peck on the cheek before pulling away with a cheeky smile.

You raised one of your eyebrows on what he was gonna do before your face broke out into shock when your British boyfriend spoke into the microphone, I would feel super loved if you gave me the Six Points of Success. The Six Points of Success? Tony asked in confusion as the room broke the silence with their murmurs. This is some secret stuff that we re not supposed to reveal. You exclaimed into the microphone that was held by your betraying boyfriend. Go, Tom says into with a cheeky relaxing smile, waiting for you to do the Six Points of Success. No, we got to continue, You point out, not really wanting to show the world about what you and Tom do after solving your fights, which is rare, but you two just do this for fun sometimes because of the minimal fights the two of you have. Go, Tom says with the same smile, not backing down from the secret he decided to share with the world. Are you serious right now? You exclaimed with a small blush on your cheeks as the crowd started to chant for you to do the Six Points of Success, even though they didn t know what it was. Not even the cast knew what the Six Points of Success was. After a few seconds of debating if you should or not, you decided to just do it anyways. With each kiss, Tom would have to count the point. You pulled away from your boyfriend as the noise from the crowd and cast was tuned out for a few seconds as the two of you just stared into each other s eyes for a few seconds. You being the first one to look away so you could hide your head onto the side of his neck with both your arms wrapped around his torso, Tom smiling big when feeling the warmness coming from your face. I hate you so much. You tell him into the ear so nobody can hear the two of you, not really meaning it. You only just saying that because of him revealing the thing that you two would do for fun and revealing it worldwide. No, you don t, Tom says with a little laugh into your ear, you hearing the awwing from everybody around you. This post may contain sensitive media. Safe Mode is on View post Why am I seeing this? Although Lu isn t really a part of JKF I think it was recently mentioned he was like 75-76ish?

Which is surprising bc he looks like he s 85. Bart s birthday is acutally today lol, he is 85.

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