Knowing 2009

I have it: 6596 I had it: 787 I want it: 569 My signature: 86Deep. Appropriate for the name. I really like this one complex, a little dark, yet wearable for all occasions. An almost leather chypre fragrance with a heavy dosage of civet.

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At first, I found this nauseating. After about 5 minutes, I was reminded strongly of Cabochard. Instant love, almost. Archetypal soapy oakmossy mimosa chypre and so not my thing. Maybe it's just the power of suggestion due to the name but it does feel knowing, teacher-like, wise old owl vibes.

Tweed suits and thick-rimmed glasses. I do not like chypre scents much but this is one of the more pleasant ones. It reminds me of a grade school teacher I had who was a lovely person. Is autumnal like dry leaves, cool moss, grass. I would not wear it but i appreciate it on others.

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I get more powder and woods than oakmoss or civet. This is a lighter, less intense Paloma Picasso. Knowing reminds me of winter and fall, Christmas and Thanksgiving. When I first bought it in the late 85's, I wore it to holiday parties. Because I was in school back then, money was tight, so I could only afford to wear it on special occasions.

Today I wear it more often, but I still find it special. When I wear Estee Lauder Beautiful, I get complimented all the time but it's the rare guy who will compliment me on Knowing. I always look at those guys with a new appreciation. Not a fan. Too heavy almost metallic.

Chalky even. I don't do well with the older Ester Lauders. I prefer something fresher less stifling. Doesn't smell sexy or pretty on me, smells very Dowdy. That's ok Estee actually works for me.

It's a classic old-fashioned powerhouse in a good way.

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