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I have it: 6596 I had it: 787 I want it: 569 My signature: 86Deep. Appropriate for the name. I really like this one complex, a little dark, yet wearable for all occasions. An almost leather chypre fragrance with a heavy dosage of civet.

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At first, I found this nauseating. After about 5 minutes, I was reminded strongly of Cabochard. Instant love, almost. Archetypal soapy oakmossy mimosa chypre and so not my thing. Maybe it's just the power of suggestion due to the name but it does feel knowing, teacher-like, wise old owl vibes. Tweed suits and thick-rimmed glasses. I do not like chypre scents much but this is one of the more pleasant ones. It reminds me of a grade school teacher I had who was a lovely person. Is autumnal like dry leaves, cool moss, grass. I would not wear it but i appreciate it on others. I get more powder and woods than oakmoss or civet. This is a lighter, less intense Paloma Picasso. Knowing reminds me of winter and fall, Christmas and Thanksgiving. When I first bought it in the late 85's, I wore it to holiday parties. Because I was in school back then, money was tight, so I could only afford to wear it on special occasions. Today I wear it more often, but I still find it special. When I wear Estee Lauder Beautiful, I get complimented all the time but it's the rare guy who will compliment me on Knowing. I always look at those guys with a new appreciation. Not a fan. Too heavy almost metallic. . Chalky even. I don't do well with the older Ester Lauders. I prefer something fresher less stifling. Doesn't smell sexy or pretty on me, smells very Dowdy. That's ok Estee actually works for me. It's a classic old-fashioned powerhouse in a good way. The oakmoss and aldehydes are very prominent. Only for confident ladies. Silage is phenomenal. I am not sure if it's my thing, but it caught my attention for sure. I thought I would love this with the roaring reviews it receives but it makes me feel trapped. It is heavy and synthetic. Knowing hands down the best Chypre perfume ever! I don't need other Chypres this does it for me it is just gorgeous best of Estee Lauder and I have a 7569 bottle and still a beautiful mossy scent with strength now this is a true Chypre it last forever on me and I spray 8 to 9 sprays and that's all I need!

Truly a classic. Knowing is reminiscent of the classic chypre of yesteryear. Beautiful classic oak moss, civet, woodsy rose that just melts into the skin, a very soft, sexy, animalistic woodsy floral. It's luxuriousness requires a light touch, barely a whisper of fragrance is all that's required. What a beautiful fragrance, like moonlight caressing your skin. I'm not sure Estee Lauder is a good perfume house for me. I sometimes like the scent on paper but not on myself. I had an aunt who wore these types of chypres in the 95s she had very long nails and lots of jewelry. I'm not sure I'd she wore Knowing, or Ysatis but it definitely reminds me of aunt Phyllis so I get some sort of nice nostalgia. I don't tend to like moss in scents though. I prefer Ysatis to this all in all. Very very elegant, womanly perfume. The most gorgeous warm florals and woods, a juicy plum, with a hint of spice. Absolutely lovely. Makes me feel very wise, and knowing. Yes true. I love it more and more, the more I wear it always discovering greater and greater depth. It becomes more beautiful as time goes on. I'm so in love with it. It is an absolute masterpiece, and I couldn't bear to be without it in my life. It's the vetiver! I think vetiver is the most wonderful ingredient! It's in all my most favourite perfumes, and this one is no exception. I adore it. It's so rich and womanly majestic, and wise and knowing! Beautiful. I love Knowing. It's my favourite favourite perfume. My signature scent. It's so classy so delicious. It makes me feel like a beautiful woman. Very alluring. Superb. Such a divine smell. So intense.

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So utterly charming and elegant. The best perfume in the world. One of the true 'Drama Queens'. Super long lasting, assertive so sexy. A real Womans' fragrance. Wear it with confidence, wait for the compliments. (Vintage)I live a casual country life, and I can't think of any place that I would ever wear this in public. But I love having it. In a certain mood, which I would describe as melancholic and nostalgic but with no tinge of regret, I sometimes reach for it to simply get to the bottom of this feeling tone. There is a wistful quality about it that I simply love delving into sometimes when I am alone. I can't make up my mind on this perfume. It smells kind of old fashioned like I've smelled this during my childhood years and then it is enigmatic at the same time. The reformulation stays for just two hours. My first encounter with this perfume was from a work colleague. She came into the workplace one day looking radiant and smelling gorgeous. I had always found her quiet and rather aloof. I was rather shocked by this sudden transformation. The perfume she was wearing was so alluring. I complimented on her perfume and asked her what perfume she was wearing. She told me it was knowing and it always made her feel fabulous. I was given this perfume as a gift last christmas and I totally agree with my work colleague it makes you feel fabulous. My opinion of my work colleague changed that day and it was all down to Knowing. It turned out that she was very sincere, fun loving and so very kind. Love this perfume. Almost finished my 85ml bottle that I got not too long ago. Must be the oakmoss and rose. This will be another staple in my wardrobe along with Youth Dew, Amber Nude and Cinnabar. This is just the most stunning, huge floral chypre. Fruity heart, woodsy/powdery drydown. This is classic, big girl pants perfume (like Aromatics Elixir) and I love it! Not for the faint-hearted or for those used to the modern fruity/sweet patchoulis. This will knock your socks off, either way. OMG, do I love this stuff! ! Sharp, classy,.

It awakens my senses and makes me feel like I'm wearing the best accessory to top off an elegant look. Compliments? Oh yes! Especially from the opposite sex! What IS that perfume you're wearing? Or, if they don't ask, I can sense that they try to get closer to sniff it again. In my opinion, much better than one-dimensional Chanel No 5, but similar. Bold, in your face, and cloying, but cloying like an in your head kind of way, if that makes any sense. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! This was one of my first tries at finding fragrances I loved. I head over heels fell in love with this instantly! I have gotten compliments from both males and females. It is just blended so perfectly in this group of fragrances. Another top 65 fragrance. Timeless. Which I love too lolEstée Lauder's Knowing initially unfolds with a burst of sparkling aldehydes and pittosporum blossoms. Minutes later, juicy plum and melon develop. However, Knowing saves the best for last: comforting amber, earthy moss, and spicy patchouli round out this chypre. If Halston Classic and Frederic Malle's Le Parfum De Therese had a love child, Knowing would be the result! Definitely has a soapy, unisex vibe going on. Knowing is now at the top of my perfume rotation. Five stars for this 85's masterpiece! Knowing is herbal/earthy to me. I love herbs and spices and spraying this on is kind of therapeutic to me. Herbal Perfume is relaxing. Sometimes I spray some on in the evening when not going anywhere, just to enjoy the smell and relax. If you want to leave your signature while you are passing by, that's KNOWING! Sophistication combined with elegance. I LOVE this perfume, pity about the oakmoss problem, but I leave the bottle rest for few years and as a good wine it matures. Knowing EDP spray is a perfect every day chypre in the best tradition of the 85'es and 95'es parfumerie: it has a great projection and sillage. It is complex and stylish and an amazing bargain. Most prominent notes: Oakmoss, soft aldehydes, rose and patchouli.

What a beauty! I vote for Knowing over Youth Dew. Mine passion is civet. I have Youth Dew. Very different to me. Also have Paloma Picasso but. Nah, feels more flat to me and wouldn't be happy telling myself it's like Knowing. Love when a perfumer works with civet. This may be the best civet fume there is. Naturally, this is all always highly partial and personal. How could perfume not be subjective? I have about 75 in this category. Not all that were ever made. Knowing is Tabu gone to finishing school. Knowing is Animale's beautiful and enchanting sister everyone wants to marry. Knowing is Passion without the loud, drunken part. Fantastic unisex choice. If you like any of the above fragrances (and I find them all magnificent) and/or civet. You must give this a try. Took me a while to cough up $85 for 6 oz. Definitely a repurchase. The second best from Estee, following Youth Dew, lovely heady, slightly offensive, I love it: )Gorgeous perfume, dark, dusty, woody, rose. Something the ghosts of a Jacobean manor could wear: ) But it's actually very warm and tender. And heavy. Heavy like a dress a lady from 6655's would of worn. Warm like a fireplace warms a stone built room. Intimate like a draped bed. This is such a lovely, intense, typically 85s frag! I used to wear it way back then and loved it. While visiting my sister in France I was looking for something in her bathroom cabinet when I stumbled on a bottle of this. With age my sister has developed a sort of allergy that prevents her (and anybody around her) from wearing scents of any kind. Because of that she let me have her nearly full bottle of Knowing. And it's the original, mind!

I'm over the moon! It brings back so many memories of my favorite decade. I was surprised to find that Knowing was a pleasant peppery rose with a subtle green note but then the green became more and more apparent and less than subtle.

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