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There are unspoken rules to dating, and it differs from culture to culture. Here are five unspoken dating rules in Korea that may surprise you. Of men think men should pay more 79% of women think men should pay more. A recent episode for Withhunt talked about the debate of the past 8 decades in Korea – who pays for dates? Whatever your opinion is on this, the truth is, it’s still very much a societal norm that guys pay for 75~85% of the date. The reason behind it is complicated. Men were always regarded as the better gender in Korea and perhaps this phenomenon is an extension of it, or perhaps it’s because simple economics (guys are more desperate? ) Who knows.

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But don’t be shocked to see Korean guys getting the tab most of the time, or if your Korean girlfriend disappears to the bathroom when it comes time for the bill. She means no harm, it’s just normal for her. It’s interesting to watch American films emphasizing the 8-date-rule, because really? In Korea, most girls abide by the 85 day rule. Of course, this is generalization and there are variations, but the main point is that although the ideology of sex is changing rapidly, mostly due to media, there’s still a stigma on girls having sex before marriage.

Why? History and culture. As Askakorean blog conciselyWomen in Korea were clearly divided into two camps along the dichotomy, and it is a one-way streetif they do cross the divide. The “proper” women must remain chaste, and the requirements of beingchaste are utterly crazy. As a rule, a traditional Korean woman carried a small silver knife.

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The knifeis for self-defense, but not the kind of self-defense that you are thinking. The knife is there to killyourself with if you are about to be “disgraced”. Realistically, “disgraced” means “raped”. However, technically “disgraced” meant any man other than your husband touching you. So even after all these years, it’s much more difficult for girls to be open about sex because of peer pressure, societal standards, and all that good stuff.

There are placed called Dress Cafes in korea where couples go to take fake wedding photos. They have rings around their fourth finger, calls each other “Husband” and “Wife, ” but they barely look legal. While couples in North America are much more “chill” and like to take things slow, my observation of Korean couples is that they love going all out and externally celebrating their togetherness. Being in touch in Korea is a whole another level. Calling each other only  once a day is quite rare.

Instead, Korean couples use kakaotalk messenger to keep each other updated non-stop. Keeping in touch is such an importance that there’s an entire start-up based in Seoul that services this exact need. There are booths set up in busy areas in Seoul where you can exchange a fully charged battery for a small price. , a start-up based in Seoul, has booths set up in busy metropolitan areas that let you exchange a fully chargedbattery in exchange for your used-up one for $7. You can even call them and have them deliver a fully-charged battery to your girlfriend or boyfriend who texted you “sorry babe, might go MIA because I’m running out of battery.

”There are event cafes in Korea specifically for couples that need a private venue to celebrate their frequent anniversaries. In addition to all the universal celebrations, like birthdays and yearly anniversary, there are tons more.

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