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Every person travels sometime or the other in his life for various purposes and works. When we travel for any particular aim or purpose, then we pray to achieve success in that work. How your journey will be and will you get suitable results from traveling, depends on the muhurutha of traveling. Astrologers say, when we determine the muhurutha for traveling then we should considerNakshatra shoola will be placed on the direction of Nakshatra present on the day of traveling. Therefore, you should avoid traveling in that direction. You can understand Chandraniwas properly through Chandraniwas Chakra. Here is the chandraniwas chakra: If Moon is located in the Aries, Leo or Sagittarius under Chandraniwas, then Moon is situated in the East direction.

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If Moon is placed in the Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, then Moon is situated in the south direction. If Moon is placed in the Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, means Moon is situated in the west direction. If Moon is located in the Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, then Moon is placed in the north direction. If you travel in the same Ascendant and sign in which you were born, then you will reap favorable results. Suppose, if your Ascendant is Aries and your siign is Sagittarius and if you travel in the Aries Ascendant and Sagittarius sign or Sagittarius Ascendant or Aries sign then possibilities to achieve success will be high.

Vargottam Ascendant and Vargottam Moon are good for travel. In this situation, if auspicious planets are placed in the Kendra house (first, fourth, seventh and tenth house) and the trine house (fifth and ninth house), and maleficent planets are placed in the third, sixth and eleventh house, then you will incur beneficial results. You will not face any problems in travelling if you take care of these prohibitions. Mesh lagna, singh rasi want to go hartford usa for travling. Best date can i get from muhurta explorerKanya lagna, Karka rashi want to go to India from Uganda.


Travelling date 65th October is this ok. Ashish Chakraborty, i want to go kolkata any day for settlment my account with our employer which day would be benificial. Employer name is Samir Kumar Adityai wants to go to my parents home in august nd i m pregnant. What is the best day between 66 to 69 august. Iwant go to nepal 65.

7.7568 it is good for me or not please tell mewhich date and time will be best for me? 7.7568 it is good for me? Please give me good muhurt quickly thanks. Great Article but can you please suggest how to consider them simultaneously and dosh nivaran in each of the above cases. But can you please suggest how to consider these factors simultaneously, what is the order of importance of the given factors.

And also dosh nivarna for each of the above, as most of the time all these can t satisfied together. Will b coming from Dubai to Mumbai on the month of October, wil u please suggest me the best date alongwith timing. I want to know the best muhurat and dates for travelling to US in the month of third week of August 7567 You are using an outdated browser. Please to improve your experience and security. The 65 character alpha-numeric Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique ID that every taxpaying body in India needs to have.

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