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Dinner to celebrate we’ve bought an apartment. Had been there before at lunch (much better option) Food is exquisite including its presentation but the service is amateurish. Bread came very late, drinks were not served (water glasses not filled) or served too much (white wine constantly poured so it got warm). We were seated close to the WC door which was continuously opening since it’s also used for coats and service. It was uncomfortable and ruining a bit the celebration. Overall the food is good but expensive and didn’t feel fully deserving the Michelin star. I much more recommend the lunch deal which is awesome and much better in relation quality/priceLovely venue for a slightly more special occasion. The food was delicious - I had studied squid on black ink risotto followed by the chocolate pud - both perfectly cooked and seasoned.

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Tasteful surroundings and low level music. Only critic was that they forgot to provide the home made cheese puffs with our aperitif- which slightly disappointed me and I only realised when I saw others being served them. Not too expensive considering the Michelin star - and I will definitely return. Average food, rather limited choice (which can be a positive factor if it indicated high quality food to choose from). Not what you expect from an étoilé restaurant.

What a fine restaurant! The dishes were extraordinary and so tasty! The meat was exceptionally well cooked. I think it is one of the best restaurants I have eaten! Well done to the Chef!


The Michelin star is well deserved. However it is very expensive. It is not for every week dining but for special occasions. We were attracted by the Michelin Star, but what a mistake. Even with reservations, we waited for a very long time to even get a waiter to ask for a drink order.

When the heavy blackboard was brought to the table, we inquired about some of the more unusual sauces etc. , but the waiter seemed totally oblivious about the cooking styles. The service was extremely slow during the meal, which meant my dish was stone cold. Although there were some very wealthy looking clientele there, perhaps they were more into being seen then having a fine dining experience? I hate to think that because we were Americans we were treated so poorly?

We were with multinational, multi lingual folks, but in asking for an English menu it might have been a give away? Having dined at Michelin star restaurants before, this was a horrible disappointment, and so expensive for what it was(n't). We came to the restaurant attracted by the star but a bit hesitant because of the mixed comments. We had a nice and professional welcome. The menu is short (app 5 starters main dishes), all very tempting, offering a choice between meat/fish/seafood.

All plates.

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