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Well, we've already heard all about, but what about the ladies? Well, there's actually been quite a few highly publicized lesbian characters in comic books over the years. Compared to gay males, they're quite well represented. This is mostly due to the double standard where it is cool for straight males to like lesbians, but taboo for homosexual males to be considered tough or badass. Still, these pioneering lesbian super heroes have still proven to be positive role models GLBT youth across the world. Follow along as we discover the history of lesbian superheroes. You might just be surprised at how many of your favorite teams and characters have been known to take a walk on the wild side. As a member of the New Mutants, Karma was always part of the next wave of the superhero crowd.

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She was usually the most mature member of the team and, arguably, one of the most powerful. With the ability to take over another persons mind and control their body, she could potentially take down the largest of threats as long as she was able to keep safe while grabbing the reigns of their psyche. Karma came out of the closet after finally admitting an attraction to fellow X-Girl, Shadowcat. Unfortunately, while open-minded, Shadowcat was just not able to return the feelings. However, it led to Karma being able to be open about herself in public and hold her head high. Unfortunately, Karma hasn't had the luckiest life. During the 85s, there was a rather distressing period where she was forced to become monstrously overweight. Although she recovered from her obesity, she would later lose her leg in a heated battle. If you're interested, you can read about her regularly in New Mutants as well as appearances in various X-Men titles. I've already said plenty about. But the fact remains that she is the highest profile gay OR lesbian character in all of mainstrean comics. Not only is she an openly lesbian superhero, but she carries her own popular and critically acclaimed title. Motherly, butch, sensual, and moral, she defies labels. A promising military student, she was given the choice to either deny her sexuality in writing or be kicked out of the marines due to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Rather than break her oath to never lie, she told the truth and began to seek out an outlet for doing good in the world through superheroics instead. Of course, you can't mention Batwoman without mentioning The Question. The successor to the original holder of the name, Renee Montoya is a familiar face for Batman fans. Originally introduced on Batman: The Animated Series, she made her way into the comic books and soon after came out as a lesbian. At this point, she was one of the most high profile lesbian comic book characters, and her elevation to superhero status only reinforces her groundbreaking role. She is also important to Batwoman's backstory, as the two have shared an on-again/off-again romantic entanglement. The two broke up initially because Renee was unwilling to out herself to her police coworkers.

They struggle to find common ground while they both deal with their busy lives of stopping psychos from destroying the world. Mystique? A hero? Well. . Sometimes. More often than not, this self-serving shapeshifter is working with villains like Magneto but she will just as regularly work for the X-Men. Really, her mood is just as mercurial as her form. She never stays in one spot for too long and quickly gets bored of the people she spends time with. Except for one person, that is: Destiny, her long time lover. The fact that the pages of Marvel would show off a lesbian comic book character (villain or not) was a big deal. The two of them lived very happily together for years. While Mystique stayed young and vital due to her superpowers, eventually Destiny grew old and died. Although gone, Destiny's love and affection still hangs over Mystique and informs her every action. Found in the pages of Runaways, this teenage superhero/alien came to terms with her sexual identity early in the series. Eventually, she found out she was betrothed to a Xavin, a Skrull prince from another world. Skrull's have the ability to shapeshift, and in order to convince her to stay with him, Xavin took a female form. The two actually embarked on a rather daring and thought provoking romance. Karolina was happy to have a beautiful women to date, but was often concerned that Xavin still thought of himself as a male. That's comic books for you, adding a bizarre transgender subplot only available through super powers. Her comic is currently on hiatus, but should be back sometime next year.

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Rumor has it that a major motion picture featuring Karolina and her underage superhero friends will begin production shortly as well. Cross your fingers! Yes, the Amazons. As in the group of people Wonder Woman hails from. But, then, what did we really suspect. Their entire culture is based on never, ever allowing themselves to be around men, ever. If you think they haven't discovered a Sapphic side over the years, you're out of your mind. Of course, recent comic books have really played up the lesbian angle for these iconic comic book characters. In fact, some writers have even implied that Wonder Woman herself is bisexual. Straight out of Greek Mythology, this island of Goddesses beyond the touch of men show what a lesbian community is like, instead of just having a lone character represent an entire sexual orientation. And hey, they live on Paradise Island! Sounds like Paradise to some folks I know, right? Another anti-hero, Scandal is the daughter of the immortal supervillain Vandal Savage. Featuring a retarded metabolism herself, she is able to heal from wounds quickly (in hours and days, nothing like Wolverine) and is one of the best melee fighters in the DC universe. Her homosexuality was not much of a secret. Unfortunately, Knockout was killed a few years back. Scandal has started to move on and has begun dating a woman with remarkably similar looks to her deceased partner. Uncompromising and tough, Scandal is a take-no-BS kinda woman. However, she does have her softer side and has shown a great paternal affection for her teammate and friend Bane. Check her and the rest of her wild team of psychos out for some real laughs! There are plenty of great comic books out there with GLBT characters, so if you're interested go out there and support them! After all, no one will now you care if you don't vote with your wallet.

For more information about LGBT characters in geek culture, read on to find out aboutNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. OH! Is it actualy 6 year since comment was posted on this hubpage? There has got to be so much more info to add for continuity. Just been visiting Elvira the Mistress of the Dark. Having got as far as the gate house the zombie in attendance ushered me to Elvira's dungeon and the sight of a laughing skeleton frightened the living wits out of me. Elvira's warning 'the foolhardy need not venture here. 'Yes, i do like Batwoman for her 'gothique' overtones and the sinister plot lines. Where as Wonder Woman did happen to have popularity with girls and younger women as an inspiration and role model her sexuality was not that obvious. Modesty Blaise was a woman who enjoyed defeating males and romantic connotations emerged very rarely. Lantokey (correct spelling lantokay) is back on line after some inactivity. Sweet dreams! I guess I'm old fashioned, but I do not see the need to deal with sexual issues in comic books. I started reading comics when I was about 67 years old -- about fifty years ago. No one way gay or bi-sexual. The entire issue was way off-course. Comics were then meant to be read by kids (such as myself) and we just wanted colorful characters beating up monsters. It was all really very simple. So, why introduce homosexuality or bi-sexuality into comics now? I suppose the publishers are doing this because 67-year-old kids are no longer reading comic books. The guys who visit their neighborhood comic book store all seem to be 95 or above.

And so the publishers evolved to an older taste in comics, and it hasn't been pleasant. I do not personally care about a person's sexual orientation. I don't want to know. Think of how a gay parade would be handled in Russia. The gays would have the crap beat out of them. Homosexuality in the US seems to have gone out of control. Gays are demanding an equal identity, marriage (outside most orthodox churches), and recognition in mainstream media. As a conservative, I say, go back into your closet. No one outside your own perverse community has any interest, and it's a mere irritation to the rest of the normal civilized world. Yes, I think homosexuality is abnormal -- something that went wrong at the time some poor thing had his/her DNA coded. Worse, I think that homsexuality unrestrained is causing some to question their orientation where they would not otherwise. If homosexuality were normal, our species would not last long. The whole idea behind copulation is to bring offspring to the world. One guy sticking his penis into another man's rectum is not going to create new life. The same is true with a woman who likes to slather another woman's vagina. You aren't going to get children this way. The only ACTUAL reason for sex is procreation. The act itself is intentionally pleasurable, but only to make man-to-woman coupling as frequent as possible. So, if you are gay, fine. You aren't knocking at my door like the Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists, so for that I'm thankful. But, I'm not so happy with your infiltrating the mainstream. You can think what you like, but you are deviant.

If you are happy living a deviant life, good luck to you. It's sad that the media has felt compelled to follow the homosexual bandwagon.

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