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Stack Exchange network consists of 676 Q A communities including, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. But I guess let's start may mean let's begin our journey while let's get started does not have such an option. By itself, you can say either one. I would say that Let's get started means Let's get underway, whereas Let's start means Let's begin. For many activities, those two phrasings are pretty much interchangeable, but not always. When specifying what activity will be started, though, whichever option you choose might affect how the rest of the sentence is structured: It's tricky I can see how a non-native speaker might be unsure about this. Both are correct and, in my experience, interchangeable.

Let's start is slightly more imperative. I have thought many years of that question of two sentences even after Steve Job's presentation starting with 'Let's get started'. Therefore, you can say 'let start' your car yourself or you can say 'let's start' your speech yourself, but if it is with your driver, and with helpful presentation material, you better say 'let's get started' your car and 'let's get started' my presentation. Let's get started is more conversational, while let's start would be more formal.

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