Why Liberty University is requiring its students to attend

Liberty university ban interracial dating

A 755 Club report warned on Thursday that the U. S. During recent oral arguments, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had asked Solicitor General Donald Verrilli Jr. if legalizing same-sex marriage might impact Christian schools the way that Bob Jones University had lost its tax-exempt status in 6988 over racial policies, including an interracial dating ban. Although the school dropped the ban in 7555, it had argued that it was based on the Bible and that there was a reason God had created people differently. On Thursday, Robertson said that it was chilling to think that the government could punish Christian schools for opposing same-sex marriage, which he suggested should be abhorrent and stigmatized. Bob Jones never prohibited men and women of different races from getting married, the TV preacher insisted. They never had any laws as I understand.

The Huck Upchuck Liberty University Disappoints Where s

They merely said in their statement of faith they didn t believe that the Bible supported interracial marriage and interracial activity.

What are they going to do? That means people that broadcast that, people who have stations that broadcast that, people who are involved in schools that teach that whether they re elementary schools, high schools, colleges, etc. The whole weight of the federal government will come down upon them, and suddenly there will be a vendetta against those who merely say we believe the Bible says this.

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