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Our live video broadcast, A Foreign Affair LIVE, was born out of a desire to bring our current, future and even past clients a wealth of useful and interesting information about our services and the very real OPPORTUNITY we provide that can change thier lives forever. LIVE! Don't miss our live show. But, if you do, don't worry because we are recording and archiving every show for you to view anytime in our Live Video Webcast Archive. It's truly a wealth of information to help you successfully navigate through the most important adventure of your life. The wonderful opportunity of A Foreign Affair. Your feature host,, is one of the most well known and respected names in the on-line dating industry today, with over 68 years experience. John has led over 655 singles-tours and has hosted well over 995 'Socials affording thousands of singles the opportunity to find their special someone.

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New Live Dating Show Date Night Live Launches July

John has testified in front of congress in Washington and has worked together with legislators to help create common sense regulations to make the industry safer and more succesful for both the men and the women. In addition to assisting countless singles in their quest for their special someone, John was fortunate enough to meet his lovely Russian wife, Tanya who occasionally co-hosts with John, 69 years ago during an AFA social, together they have built a beautiful family with 7 wonderful children. John and A Foreign Affair have been featured on,,,,, also featured in,,,,, and. You can now catch up on the latest German TV shows anywhere in the world and you can do it for free! We’ve searched the web for the best legal sites to find German language TV shows that you can view online in the United States. Watching shows in German can be a great way to learn the language or brush up on what you already know. Note: There may be a charge to view some shows online. Watch full episodes of popular comedy shows including sitcoms, standup, sketch shows, and a wide variety of web only shows. Watch full news series episodes from Germany's largest commercial tv station. At this time their non-news shows do not play in the US. Watch full episodes from Germany's most watched network. A good mix of of documentaries and news, including Germany's most watched news program, Tagesschau. Watch full episodes from the popular German network.

ZDF offers a mix of of documentaries and news, along with some non-fiction series. Watch a Live stream of the channel 79/7 and find many of their other programs On Demand in both English German. Interested in listening to Live German radio? Check out our up-to-date listing of stations that you can listen to. If you notice that one of the sites we have listed has stopped working, please let us know so that we can look into it and remove it from the list if necessary. A common problem is that some videos may become viewable only in Germany. Will be the fly on the wall in real time as couples play the summer dating game. The cable net said today that it will premiere at 65 PM July 77. The eight-episode docuseries hails from Big Fish, the production company behind Live PD on Lifetime s sister net A E. Using mobile-live technology, cameras capture the promise of romance, awkward conversations, cringe-worthy moments and everything else from as many as nine dates per episode. Will it be love at first sight? Or will the date crash and burn? We ve all had those moments where we been at a restaurant, eavesdropped on a date, watching fascinated as it unfolds, said Liz Gateley, EVP Head of Programming at Lifetime. Date Night Live is a unique opportunity for our audience to experience that same phenomenon, from the comforts of our home.

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This is America s chance to watch love and romance unfold live, where anything can happen. Said Dan Cesareo, President of, whose Live PD just got an order for 655 additional episodes on A E: Our goal is to reinvent various genres with Live PD, we busted open the doors and brought true transparency in law enforcement to television for the first time, and we knew that this unique viewing experience could translate into other formats, said With Date Night Live, Lifetime gave us the incredible opportunity to turn the traditional dating show on its head with couples getting to know each other completely unvarnished for the first time on live TV, unfiltered and unedited. This is what it s really like to date in America. Cesareo, George McTeague, Mary Donahue and Colleen Conway Grogan are executive producing Date Night Live, with Peter Scalettar and Anne Marie Gaynor serving as showrunners. TVLine Items: Michael J. Fox s New Role, Chenoweth on Mom and It plays like a populist, social media-driven version of The Bachelor or, really, any number of dating shows that succeeded it. In the first episode, we’re introduced to five men, each of whom are dependably good-looking and can be seen – as they discuss their hobbies and preferred characteristics in a woman (“not only, oh, a nice face, ” one says) – cooking a meal while shirtless. They range from a nutritionist who likes “all things adventure” to a firefighter who calls his morning routine – “shower, sauna, coffee, shave” – the “best routine”. They are available, charming, and cut like marble Jason S, by way of a crowdsourced voting process taking place mainly in the comments section, is selected to move on to the mansion phase. Instead of bestowing carnations upon the ladies who live to see another day, Jason S hands Shaelyn an envelope that contains her flight ticket home. Brandin, who bonded with Jason over their shared love of cooking, glances at it momentarily as her face morphs from apprehension to modest pleasure. The most interesting thing about the show is the interplay between longevity and spark – Jason’s spent more time with the mainstays, but their status is threatened each time someone new steps out of the chauffeured car and into the mansion.

But the site has set its goals higher: it recently picked up Five Points, a drama executive produced by Kerry Washington, and Shame, the English-language version of a cult Norwegian teen show. Whether or not those shows will allow Facebook to share in the streaming spoils remains to be seen. But it might make more sense for Facebook to lead, not follow, and establish itself as the streamer-of-choice for lowbrow TV. A popular South Korean dating show has ceased filming after a contestant killed herself during production. Jjak, which roughly translates from Korean as The Mate, is described as a reality dating show that's a cross between Big Brother, The Bachelor, and new MTV show Are You The One? . Players live together in a guest house called Lovetown and compete in challenges to go on romantic dates with each other to find love, or at least a showmance. (Those who don't win dates, or get rejected when they do, were forced to eat solo and, you know, basically cry for the cameras before being allowed any dessert — I'm not entirely serious about the tears, but everyone knows raw emotion makes for good TV. ) In text messages sent to her mother, she said she wouldn't be able to live in South Korea once the show had aired. SBS, the channel behind Jjak, has now canceled the show, but they have not taken responsibility for the tragedy. A member of the British pop group S Club 7 attempted suicide following her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom in 7557 in 7558, a contestant on an Indian show swallowed poison immediately following her elimination. This all suggests the pressures (and artificially-constructed pressure cooker environments) of contemporary reality TV remain at dangerous levels, and as viewers come to expect even wilder scenes, it seems unlikely that will change despite the consequences. Since I talked about online dating in the last post, I figured I might as well jump into the wild world of Chinese dating game shows today.

Alongside the explosion of the online dating market in China, game shows full of young Chinese who are single and ready to mingle have also gotten incredibly popular in recent years. It all started with one show, so that s where we ll begin: This smash TV program whose name literally means if not sincere then don t disturb is far and away the most popular dating show on Chinese TV. It s so popular, in fact, that it is now even broadcast in Australia and New Zealand with English subtitles. If you haven t seen the show, here s the basic premise: This show which has pushed the boundaries for what you can get away with on Chinese TV unsurprisingly fell into the bad graces of the censors. It was said that the program was spreading the wrong values by focusing on topics such as wealth, materialism, and sex. One famous interaction between contestants went as follows a man asked a girl if she would ride on the back of his bicycle on a date with him, to which she replied: Male contestants were often asked to show bank statements or material possessions to the ladies. One guy was rejected by all of the women for coming on the show simply to show off his expensive sports car. The show has since been toned down quite a bit, thanks in part to the addition of a party school psychologist as a third host. It still does quite well, and continues to be one of the most popular shows on Chinese TV. On this famous dating show out of Shanghai, sixteen lovely ladies are introduced to one bachelor. Here s the catch the 655-member audience also has to like the guy.

After a short introduction, he will give a short performance to show off one of his talents. If at least 75 members of the audience are impressed, he s allowed to continue. There are more self-introductions and questions, and then the guy has to choose two ladies his favorite and least favorite. While all of this goes on, the ladies are free to switch off their light if they lose interest, however this goes on behind the guy s back so he has no idea who is still in the game.

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